Is this Forum worldwide then

  anniesboy68 18:48 07 Jun 2003

See This Page Caanot Be Displayed from Gordon Atlanta Georgia

  Legolas 19:03 07 Jun 2003

lol spikeychris. Two good jokes in the space of ten minutes excellent.

  Forum Editor 19:10 07 Jun 2003

that's what the world wide web is for isn't it?

We have registered members from all over Europe, Africa, Mainland China, New Zealand, Australia, and of course America.

There's even one member who lives on an small island in the Indian ocean - lucky him/her.

  Stuartli 19:39 07 Jun 2003

It's "on my mind" to make a joke but can't think of one...

  Legolas 19:54 07 Jun 2003

not even on this planet 'touche'

  Never again 20:24 07 Jun 2003

What planet ???

  Gandalph 20:43 07 Jun 2003

12 out of 10 for that one.

  Forum Editor 23:48 07 Jun 2003

That's enough Saturday night hilarity. Next thing I know I'll be joining in, and that would never do.

  Forum Editor 00:03 08 Jun 2003

Please remember that when you start posting these 'humorous' messages the poor person who started the thread is probably getting an email about each one. It can be a tad irritating, so I'm locking the thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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