Forum site password was cracked.

  Bald Eagle 17:29 21 Aug 2015

I belong to a forum dealing with day to day life in Brittany. A few weeks ago, under my name, a gruesome photo was posted. Nothing to do with me. For once I had logged out and the password I used was very low level. So the only suggestion I have is that I was hacked. What I would like to know is it safer to stay logged into a site? I live in the middle of nowhere in Brittany so no-one has had access to my computer. So if I'm logged in can someone hack my details and log in whilst I am already logged in?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 21 Aug 2015

Have a read here

  Bald Eagle 21:34 21 Aug 2015

Cheers Fruit Bat that is definitely scary!

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