Forum Signatures HELP PLEASE

  tommyturbo 12:30 30 Dec 2004

Hi, I am a regular user of this fantastic forum

click here

It allows you to have a signature at the end of each post eg you name. Also as I'm sure you are aware you can place an image in there by using [img] either side of the address where the image is. Simple.

No, the forum only allows you a maximum of 50 characters and the image host I use always exceed this.
click here
click here

It is possible because some of the members have this but it seem to be a taboo subject ot a closely guarded secret.

Can any of you PC experts solve the mystery for me.

Many thanks.

  Charence 13:27 30 Dec 2004

once you've logged in there should be a control panel where you can change details such as password/avatar/signature/etc. If you can't place a picture, make sure that when replying or posting that the feature is enabled.


  Djohn 13:33 30 Dec 2004

If your trying to use a photograph or graphic of a car or similar then make sure its file size does not exceed that allowed by the forum.

Save a copy of your signature/car/graphic as a jpeg file as it should be small enough to upload to the forum. If your already doing this without success then please post back to see if we can help further.

  tommyturbo 13:55 30 Dec 2004

No, I haven't made myself clear. File size is not an issue here. The problem is the size of the link i have when I host a picture.

I upload a pic from my PC to a host IE image They give me an link to paste into my signature box. The problem is the link is LONGER the 50 character limit, hence a error message.

A solution would be to find a host that could provide me a link LESS then 50 characters. eg click here picture1............. for example.

There must be a way because a few people have done it but are to snobby to share it with the rest of us.

Many thanks for the speedy replies.

  VoG II 13:58 30 Dec 2004
  JoeC 13:59 30 Dec 2004

this ?

click here

  tommyturbo 14:09 30 Dec 2004

VoG I have tried Image shack. The url is over the permitted 50 CHARACTERS.

Thanks JoeC Will try yours now.

  tommyturbo 14:34 30 Dec 2004


Tiny will compress the url from image but it renders ir useless.

The image dose not appear on the forum using {img} nor does it work when using it as a direct link.

This seems to have even the most knowledgeable baffled.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP. It's driving me nuts.

  Djohn 16:35 30 Dec 2004

That's a shame they don't want to share their knowledge with you, thank goodness this forum is not the same.

Have you tried doing it slightly different? Make a tiny url from your long address then upload that link to Imageshack or other on-line host.

  Djohn 16:49 30 Dec 2004

for making a shorter link. click here

  tommyturbo 16:54 30 Dec 2004

I am new to this john but I don't think I can do that. You see I have to upload an image to get image shack to give me a URL. Then I can make a tiny URL from that. Then I copy that on to the forum bored which should then load up automatically. BUT the tiny URL doesn't work.

The original URL dose work on the message bored but I cannot copy it into my signature box due to the original problem of it exceeding the 50 character limit.

I would let this subject drop but I know IT IS POSSIBLE due to the fact I see it on a daily basis.

Any more advice would be greatly appreciated John

Many Thanks


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