Forum Rules Download problem ...

  Technotiger 09:39 16 Jul 2008

Hi All, I have been trying to download and read the Forum Rules from the link near the top of this page. I use PDF Converter Professional, but every time I try to read the Forum Rules it crashes my PDF Converter Pro.

I have loads and loads of saved PDFs, all of which load without any problem - it is *only* the PCA Rules which cause the crash.

Is anyone else experiencing problems reading the Forum Rules ??

I have already tried all the obvious possible remedies, like re-downloading the Rules and even re-downloading and installing my PDF Converter Pro, without success.

  Technotiger 09:52 16 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention ......... Using XP Home and Firefox. Have also tried the download using IE, still causing my PDF Con Pro to crash - all my other PDF's work as normal!!

  oldbeefer2 10:20 16 Jul 2008

Just tried it with Adobe and Foxit - OK on both

  Technotiger 10:27 16 Jul 2008

Thank you, need a few more like that, Cheers. I have tried it a dozen times, still no good, yet it is the *only* pdf giving me this problem.


  Taff™ 10:37 16 Jul 2008

Fine with PDF Xchange viewer.

  Technotiger 10:44 16 Jul 2008

Thanks Taff™, very strange - I just tried it successfully using Foxit, yet my Professional PDF Reader will still not do it!

  Technotiger 11:49 16 Jul 2008

I have contacted Nuance, awaiting their reply. Meanwhile I will use Foxit to read this particular PDF, and use my usual PDF Pro to read others.

Will tick this as resolved, but will let you know if Nuance come up with an answer - which I doubt, but we shall see.

Thanks for your input ..... Cheers.

  spuds 12:19 16 Jul 2008

Are you using IE7.

I find that using IE7 with PDF files can cause occasional problems.

  Technotiger 13:09 16 Jul 2008

Hi, no, I am using Firefox and IE6, but thanks for your interest.

  Technotiger 13:18 17 Jul 2008

Just to update the situation - everything is working grreat again, even with the Forum Rules PDF. Nuance were very prompt in replying to my emails. They provided me with a Full later version of my PDF4 Pro which sorted the problem.

Thanks again to all who responded.

Cheers TT.

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