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  Cooter 21:02 14 Dec 2003

hi, first of all sorry to have to ask a non techy question here but its only a short simple one! how do i part quote from someone elses post on site forums. is it different on every forum or is there a standard way of doing this? every time i try to quote i end up quoting the whole post. i know i can copy and paste anything but on some forums this doesnt show up as the site in question intends. thanx

  Djohn 21:06 14 Dec 2003

If it's just a section from someones post then highlight the words/sentence and choose copy.

Come back to the thread that you are currently in and in the message box right click your mouse and choose paste, then place quote marks at the front/end

  misters 21:09 14 Dec 2003

"how do i part quote from someone elses post on site forums"
weh heh it works

  Cooter 21:10 14 Dec 2003

hi djohn, i dont mean to sound ungrateful and thax for your reply but as i said i do know how to use the copy and paste function but doing this doesnt always show up as the site intends.

  Cooter 21:11 14 Dec 2003

oh dear, maybe i'm wasting my time on this one!

  Djohn 21:13 14 Dec 2003

Not at all Cooter. If I have misunderstood you, please post back and we will try again. j.

  VoG II 21:17 14 Dec 2003

If you are referring to other sites where there is a Quote button you need to look at the site's instructions to see exactly how to use it.

  Cooter 21:18 14 Dec 2003

hi djohn, sorry maybe i didnt explain it as well as i should have done. on some site forums there is a "quote" option above every post in a thread. what i am not clear about is why when clicking on the "quote" on a particular post i have no option but to quote the whole post and not just the few words i want to quote. any ideas? thanx

  Cooter 21:19 14 Dec 2003

thanx vog

  Djohn 21:26 14 Dec 2003

Yes I think I understand. There is no such option in this forum, and the only way is as above. On the sites that allow you to quote, then if you use the quote function, the whole of the post from that person will be inserted into the quote box.

If you wish to shorten it, it would be done by deleting the parts that are not relevant to the post, from within the quote marks before you click on the respond button. If I have still not quite understood, then we'll have another go at it until I am able to get my head round your perfectly reasonable question. j.

  Cooter 21:31 14 Dec 2003

heehee, thanx djohn! i think you have solved it and with hindsight i should have used my one braincell to solve it myself. thanx again

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