This forum needs to be updated.

  Bob The Blob 00:10 28 May 2009

These forums seriously need to be updated.
As a poster there is no way to check what you have previously posted. ie to check on progress of a thread you have contributed to but may have forgotten.
Overall, the look is dated.
C'mon PC Advisor sort it out!

  Rigga 00:17 28 May 2009

What's wrong with "My Postings" top right?


  ambra4 03:09 28 May 2009

Once you have login click on “My Posting” at top of page next to “Log Out” it will list all of

your posting that you have made

  birdface 04:27 28 May 2009

The only thing that I ever found that could be improved is maybe the resolved button.
When I started on here a few years back I always ticked the square but never pressed the resolved button as it looked dead.I had to ask on here how to resolve a post.
So maybe a bit of colour on the resolved button might help. Apart from that I see nothing wrong with the Forum.

  eedcam 05:52 28 May 2009

Its a great forum but the most antiquated no reply to or quotes and as for my posting if you go straight to this forum you have to use the dropdown box to get to the my postings.It really could be improved But Hey It works

  Procrastinus 06:45 28 May 2009

It is the quality of advice and the friendly way it is given that makes this the best forum that I have come across.
Have a look at some other forums - glitzy maybe - but many posts where nobody has replied and tried to help.
Could'nt care less for glitter and gizmos, it is assistance one needs!

  gel 07:13 28 May 2009

Please do not alter a thing with this forum.
When I look at the complicated way that other forums are constructed I despair of ever getting any advice.
I have used this forum for about 4 years and tell friends that a reply to a query is there within approx 10 to 20 minutes day or night.And I am very grateful.Keep it simple its the advice that matters

  ened 07:38 28 May 2009

I totally agree that this Forum is probably the best for advice, help or simply a good argument.

In fact maybe there ought to be an 'OSCAR' type award for this sort of thing.

I am sure PCA would win and continue to succeed.

If I had one small niggle it would be that it would be nice if, in the case of multiple page threads, the pages could be accessed from the main page. Say 1,2,3...last page.

For example: the current and long running thread involving PC Option has so many pages that you have to go to the thread then page fifteen then you can see the last page.

It would be quicker if you have an interest in a specific thread to be able to access latest postings with one click.

  BT 07:43 28 May 2009

Don't ever put a 'Quote' function. One Newspaper forum I use has this and certain people use it incessantly and you end up with quotes within quotes which are totally unnecessary and extreemly annoying to plough through trying to find what is often just a few words replying to the subject.

  laurie53 07:56 28 May 2009

Not sure about the "drop down menu" comment for "My Postings".

I have it bookmarked and if the browser is open, as it usually is, it's just one click.

  Picklefactory 08:55 28 May 2009

Hear, hear. I also see plenty of other forums where those quote functions are drastically over used, that is one of the bigger reasons for me soon losing interest in a thread.

I would like to see one or two minor additions, I've never been a follower of the 'we've done it like this for years why change now brigade' as what was great a few years ago, does not necessarily stay that way, things change and new technology and methods give many opportunities for genuine improvement. But in general this is a great site and far and away my favourite.

PS Wintertide Special postie, for Wintertide I would like an option to go straight to the latest post in a thread without having to navigate through page links and I second butemans mention of the resolved button, don't see the need for check box and button, why not just check box?

But those are only minor and the lack of them does not hamper my enjoyment of this forum at all.

Long live PCA

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