To the Forum Editor regarding titles

  galatic door 13:26 04 Mar 2003

Now i know there has been threads in the past about this but is it possible to have some sort of pop up when the forum opens saying something like " please ensure that you use the most effienct title"
It does tend to annoy the people who help and myself and i will admit i don't know everything but it is so annoying when you get thread titling which says help and you have to have a further look into the thread to find out what the problem is to find that you can't help as you don't know much about the subject!!

  graham 13:36 04 Mar 2003

Yes, it is annoying. Do a search for 'help' and see what you get! Perhaps one answer would be for the 'regulars' who sove 99% of problems to not respond to 'help needed' themes.

  Pesala 13:38 04 Mar 2003

and equally regularly ignored.

Look at the heading in the forum below Subjects for Discussion. Have you not noticed that yet? What more can be done short of a drop down box with a list of valid titles for threads?

  leo49 13:40 04 Mar 2003

It's already there above the Title Box for new threads - You can lead a horse to water.......

  graham 13:46 04 Mar 2003

What if it is really urgent like this one? click here

  watchful 13:59 04 Mar 2003

Where on earth did you find that one?

I don't think there have been many as bad as that for a while - thank goodness!

  galatic door 14:01 04 Mar 2003

but just how many people take notice of it???
if you follow graham and put help into the search and you get loads of threads
i think it should be a lot bigger and bolder so that itcatches your eye as soon as you open the helproom

  leo49 14:18 04 Mar 2003

Isn't there a danger of taking this Forum far too seriously?

Sure it's helpful and preferable if folk follow the guidelines in titling and providing some system info, but you're dealing with people not components to be dragooned into 'The System'.

Often they don't have enough knowledge to neatly pinpoint the question so that it has to be teased out by questioning.

You're not running an efficient production line here - you're merely trying to help folk out and have FUN doing it.


  ©®@$ђ 14:21 04 Mar 2003

i agree

  graham 14:23 04 Mar 2003

Put 'urgent' in Search!

  galatic door 14:38 04 Mar 2003

Look i don't want this toturn into an argument
but come on everyone knows that they could put the problem in like "scanner not working" not HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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