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  Scouse 13:59 13 Mar 2003

It seems pretty obvious that alot of visitors to this forum are angered by the recent advertising addition to the PCA website (The floating 3's).

Although the need to generate funds is highly understandable, the reaction to the "Pop-Up" style of advertising has obviously shown the discontent of many users.

Would it be asking too much of the FE to post a comment or two regarding this advertising policy?

Maybe I am wrong but I believe alot of users would appreciate some form of feedback from the site administrator(s).


  davidg_richmond 14:06 13 Mar 2003

advertising is fine, and i've seen more irritating examples than this (with '3' again being the culprit), but please keep it away from the Forums - it will be detrimental to the whole community wishing to get help and provide it. I've seen other forums die because of obstruction to posting/registering and this is quite similar.

please keep the best pc forum on the net alive!

  nick_j007 14:08 13 Mar 2003

Ironically, I can't even bloody read parts of your message (of which I agree with BTW) due to a '3' in the way.

Nick Jones.

There are always those who find the adverts annoying - I did too - but;

There are so many methods and means available to remove them that it is hardly an issue any more. As you rightly say, the site needs to generate income - what commercial enterprise doesn't?

Apart from the freeware programs and Opera browser, why dont you try the latest edition of Norton Internet Security? I from Norton Antivirus and since then have not seen a single pop up. Added to which it has an excellent spam filter as well as anti virus.

Just a suggestion, but I understand your concerns....

  €dstow 14:12 13 Mar 2003

Don't just attack PCA, these are the perpetrators.

For some reason they think their advertising is clever. Lots of people think otherwise.

click here

click here

click here

  roygbiv 14:13 13 Mar 2003

The 3's stop you reading parts of the post, I think they should GO.

  grumps2001uk 14:15 13 Mar 2003

If you scroll up when you have large 3 on its own you will see a close box just below it,i have installed Opera and it seems to have stopped it

  bfoc 14:16 13 Mar 2003

But in the Forums are all sorts or levels of users. They will have differing amounts of knowledge, time and cash! There will also be a number who are fairly anxious because they are hoping for help with a technical/consumer problem which is darned important to them.

Anything which makes it more difficult for users to view, understand and follow replies is IMHO a retrograde step and to be avoided.

Also since it is very likely to seriously annoy numbers of people I'm not sure that it is where the advertiser would 'want' to be!

  obbit 14:26 13 Mar 2003

what are you talking about? i can't see anything.
oh yes it must be my browser. it stops every popup that has been invented.

click here

  Stokey 14:28 13 Mar 2003

Hang on. FE will be along shortly to put all the huffers & puffers back in their place. Quite right too. Every time something changes the whingers and whiners come out to complain. It is their site, they can do what they wish with it. All this complaining every time something like this happens is far more annoying than a bit of advertising which can easily be avoided in a number of ways including staying away of course.

  ©®@$ђ 14:35 13 Mar 2003

i don't care just click the close button under the number 3.they have to advertise or the site wouldn't be free

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