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  cherria 09:59 03 Mar 2003

A suggestion...

Powerless made a post which the majority of people agreed was great advice showing people how they can get the details on their system to help the helpers help them.

The problem is, although its great advice and has had 50 posts (to date) keeping it current, eventually, it will drift of the front page to disappear into the archives of great advice and we'll be back to good old square one.

So, my suggestion...

Is there no way to make some posts 'sticky' so you could have a 'what do think about before asking for advice' post that was always at the top of the forum where powerless' download links and other great advice could go.

I've seen them on other forums but don't know if its possible here.

  MAJ 10:04 03 Mar 2003

Oh no, no, no, no, no, please do not start sticky posts, they are the bain of many lesser forums. I've visited forums where you have to wade through the stickies to get to the good stuff. No stickies please.

  cherria 10:25 03 Mar 2003

1 sticky post that says before posting a technical question please include your system configuration click here or here to download programs to get that information....

Controled by the FE so you do net get to the stage where you have to wade through stickys.

  MAJ 10:30 03 Mar 2003

That's how they start, cherria, just one sticky post, usually giving the rules of the forum or some such, then before you know it you're inundated with stickies, they breed like rabbits on viagra. Nobody reads them anyway.

  €dstow 10:33 03 Mar 2003

There is already a notice at the top of the page "Search the discussion archive. Your question may already have been answered!"

How many people take any notice of that???


  Stokey 12:07 03 Mar 2003

cherria, yes 50 posts but many of them are from the same people. It's a regular thing, this sort of thread, as you will find out if you "stick" around :O)

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