Forum Account Fraud??

  Mysticnas 19:30 20 Jul 2005

Your registration details were emailed to f*******@n***** on 20 Jul 2005 19:09. You will need to wait 24 hours until 21 Jul 2005 19:09 to have them resent. Please check your email account to continue or click here to enter your password.

I forgot my password for another forum i used a while back and pressed the link to have it emailed to me.

And then it showed the above text.

There is a seperate site password and forum password. I was already logged onto the site.

I've emailed the webmaster, no reply as of yet. What can i do?


  stalion 19:31 20 Jul 2005

ignore these emails and delete them I get loads everyday most probably contain malaware if you open them

  Mysticnas 19:34 20 Jul 2005

It's not an email. I was on the website (logged in) and wanted to access the forum for which i needed a seperate password.

I couldn't remember my forum password and clicked the email password button.

And then was shown this message on the email sent page.

I'm worried that my details have been sent to someone else.

  stalion 19:36 20 Jul 2005

oh I see all you can do is get in touch with them which you have already done it's possible your forum password will not be active until the 21st

  Mysticnas 19:44 20 Jul 2005

i just hope no-one abuses my account, and trying to remember what account details i might have had that the other person's got now. :o(

  stalion 19:47 20 Jul 2005

most good sites can provide you with log in details that you have forgotten I would ask for the details again making sure your email address is correct

  Mysticnas 20:18 20 Jul 2005

it didn't ask for my email address. It must already be stored because i'm logged in to the main site.

The forum is a seperate part of the same site, using the same username/account but different password.

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