This forum ...

  PurplePenny 13:04 17 May 2004

.. is wonderful.

And the people on it are wonderful too.


PS Just felt the need to express a bit of gratitude for all the help that I've had from here of late.

  Forum Editor 18:17 17 May 2004

there are some wonderful people in the forum. Come to think of it, perhaps you're one of them. I'm glad you're here anyway.

  Taran 19:14 17 May 2004

an interesting gathering place and no mistake.

The scope and diversity of questions (and answers) fascinates me at times, and what better a crowd to enjoy it with.

Long may it continue.

  hooligan 19:37 18 May 2004

Your answers fascinate me taran, All you know is amazing. Iam not creeping by the way.


  Forum Editor 23:15 18 May 2004

but that's OK..........just this once.

  PurplePenny 23:37 18 May 2004

We're only allowed one creep? I think that it should say so in the forum rules somewhere. People might blow their one chance at a decent creep otherwise.

Ah ... but how many times are we allowed to sweet-talk the FE?

FE, have I ever told you how much I admire your use of the English language?


  Forum Editor 01:18 19 May 2004

But how kind.

Feel free to sweet-talk the FE any time the fancy takes you. As for the one creep rule - perhaps we should relax that a little and permit a modicum of multiple creeping, especially if I'm the creepee.

  Taran 08:29 19 May 2004

"modicum of multiple creeping" ?

"creepee" ?!?

That started my morning perfectly.

Thanks for the chuckle - no creeping intended...

  slowhand_1000 10:23 19 May 2004

slowhand echos the previous comments then creeps off to the miners tailor in preparation for some serious creeping in the future :-)

  murgle 11:26 19 May 2004

This forum has helped me so much in building my Websites.

Thanks to everyone.

  whatsupdoc 20:51 19 May 2004

here here

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