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Formula for Time in Excel

  mgmcc 16:09 05 Jul 2009

I'm looking for the formula to subtract one time from another and give the answer in hours to 2 decimal places, not hours and minutes.

In other words, Start 08:00 Finish 18:15 - I want an answer of 10.25 hours, not 10:15 (ten hours, 15 mins).

  Simsy 18:36 05 Jul 2009

of how you format the cell... and how you have the formula...

You need to have the cell with the answer in formatted as a number, (to 2 decimal places, as that's what you seem to want). This will give the answer as a fraction of 1 day...

Then have your formula, (=B2-A2), and multiply it by 24 to give the answer in hours...

eg if the start is in A2, and the end is in B2, the fomula would be;




  mgmcc 18:59 05 Jul 2009

Many thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

  mgmcc 13:49 06 Jul 2009

Some of the times do span midnight but I'd actually got round this with an "IF" statement - if the subtraction resulted in a negative number, 24 was added to it. However, I'll have a play about with your formula.


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