Forms and email... 10:46 06 Mar 2004

I have almost completed my first commercial site, but have come up against a small problem.

I have two small forms from which visitors send requirements. The forms require them to input their email address, but when I test it, a warning pops up informing them that they are sending information via email. This loks very amateurish.

I think the only way out is to use my CGI, but I have absolutely no idea how to go about this, never having done it before.

I have tried looking at some instruction, but cant get my ancient head round it. I have no problem creating the forms, I just need to load the CGI script or whatever else you have to do!

I am using NOF7 with 1&1 hosting (I have access to CGI with my package). One of the almost completed forms is click here

Thanks, Whiz...

  chesterfield 11:06 06 Mar 2004

This is the place that many people recomend for cgi scripts - click here
If you dont want to get involved with the cgi you could get the form processing done for free by signing up with bravenet (or similar) 12:19 06 Mar 2004

will have a look at your link. Dont really want to get involved with bravenet for this sort of thing. Have used them before on my other sites, but this one needs to be run from my own host's server.

Cheers, Whiz... 12:58 06 Mar 2004

but it's getting more confusing the more I look!

  Taran 13:08 06 Mar 2004

Many people use Matt's Script FormMail and it does work. If it's your first time configuring a Perl script you may scratch your head a bit before it all goes together, but it does its job.

Have you checked with your web host to see if they offer any preconfigured form to email scripts ? Most hosts do and if so it would be pointless looking elsewhere.

Some excellent Perl/CGI scripts can be found here:

click here

PHP form to email scripts can be found here:

click here 23:23 06 Mar 2004

I downloaded FormMail, will have to print it out. Cant digest from a screen.

1&1 does have ready made scripts, but mine are used on my other sites. That's why I thought I'd try some of the PHP and other facilities I have never used yet.

Thanks for the links anyway Taran.

Cheers, Whiz...

  Taran 06:25 07 Mar 2004

General notes on setting up Matt's FormMail:

click here

click here

The first link has another link to a Hotsctipts form to email processor that one user found easy to set up.

Most people stumble with FormMail because the Perl script looks so intimidating. You actually only need to modify 4 lines in the Perl file and add a few hidden form fields to your form to get it working.

The 1&1 FormMail script is based on an old version of Matt's Script but it is insecure and should not be used on a commercial site. 1&1 either need to update their script or they are incredibly confident in their server setup.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, try those links and see how you get along. 10:23 07 Mar 2004

Will have a look. In the meantime, I downloaded a 'Novice' form handler from onr of the links you gave me. Haven't unzipped it yet. Will let you know how my old grey matter copes!

Cheers, Whiz... 02:12 10 Mar 2004

This is the message I get when submit button is pressed.

"This is a internal error (without configuration variable)
the following variable are escape out for perl script protection:
;<>*|`&$!#()[]{}:'"/ (return character deleted)

or one of the following file is not declare in the field:
filename (date file name)
fields (# of field)
success(success respond file)
error(error respond file)"

I must have done something wrong! Any idea what?

Cheers, Whiz...

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