Formatting Windows Media Centre

  Madcooie 09:43 14 Jul 2006

Hey All,

I have a Dell Dimension 9150 desktop pc with Windows Media Centre installed and i am looking for a way to format my hard disk. I understand that WMC is XP Pro with a few multimedia enhancements, and i guess my question is do i need to use XP Pro to format it?



  silverous 10:19 14 Jul 2006

You don't need a particular operating system to 'format' your PC. You can just put whatever operating system disk you want to re-install in the drive and it should give you the option to delete the existing partition and then you can re-create it.

Is there a particular reason you want to format it?

  Madcooie 10:47 14 Jul 2006

I tried that already with a version of XP i have and it wouldn't let me do it!

  Madcooie 10:48 14 Jul 2006

Well, i don't like WMC and being a Dell it has so much stuff on there i don't need!

  silverous 11:27 14 Jul 2006

What happened?

  Sethhaniel 11:37 14 Jul 2006

if thats what you want to do
have you used boot floppy and gone thru the path of FDISK and Format

  Madcooie 11:43 14 Jul 2006

I can't remember offhand but basically it was trying to start the partition process then it would come up with an error message asking me to restart and try again(seem to remember it saying something about an error on the HD), once i did that went through the same process and i got the same error message.

I basically want to wipe my computer clean and put on a clean version of Windows XP/XP Pro as i seem to have had no end of problem with this system.

  Sethhaniel 11:47 14 Jul 2006
  silverous 11:48 14 Jul 2006

If it is getting errors that doesn't sound good.

You can always try this (securely erases data also):

Download DBAN floppy version from:

click here

Run the executable in the zip and it will create a bootable floppy for you (assuming your system has a floppy drive, otherwise you'll have to go the CD route).

Then boot from the Floppy/CD and it will take you through wiping the disk. Hopefully then you can re-use the partition without having to re-create it as part of XP setup.

The problem was definitely an error on the HD and not the CD?

  Madcooie 11:51 14 Jul 2006

Hmm, not quite, i mean my PC works, the thing is though that Dell didn't give me a CD copy of WMC and i just have a system restore point to revert to. Just kinda frustrating that i can't format my HD!

  Madcooie 11:55 14 Jul 2006

I'll give that a try i think that WMC must have some sort of protection thing to stop it from getting wiped off the HD and that's why it's not letting me do it! But i'll give that DBAN a try and hopefully it'll work! Thanks for your help guys i'll let you know how i get on! :D

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