Formatting SATA Drive

  shaduf 21:44 18 Feb 2010

I recently bought a Samsung 1TB SATA Drive which I intended to fit in the barebones pc I built some years ago. This has a 300GB IDE drive and runs XP. It runs a bit iffy sometimes and I think could do with a reformat and bigger drive and I do have a power and SATA cable that came with it.

I have just bought a Cyclone Fusion Docking Station and would like to try the 1TB SATA drive in it. Unfortunately, whilst the Fusion will recognise NTFS it will only format in FAT 32.

How can I format the drive first in NTFS with the equipment at my disposal or should I use the Fusion to format in FAT 32 and when I later use the drive in my PC reformat to NTFS.

  johndrew 10:50 19 Feb 2010

Why not temporarily install the SATA drive in the PC and format it there? It will take some time though, but less than if using a USB connection to go to FAT32 and then overwriting the whole drive with NTFS.

  bremner 11:08 19 Feb 2010

I agree with johndrew's suggestion.

However I disagree with his claim it will take a long time. This would only happen if you chose a "full format" as this will run checkdisk across the drive.

A quick format will take a very short time.

There is no actual "overwriting the whole drive with NTFS".

It is different if you want to 'convert' the disk from FAT32 to NTFS and retain all the data. This is completely different to a simple reformat.

  shaduf 20:00 19 Feb 2010

Thanks for that chaps.
Tomorrow I will take the IDE drive out of the barebones and install the new SATA drive in its place using the supplied connectors which I know will fit in the barebones.
Then I start up as usual but go into the BIOS having set the SATA as master (as supplied) and will then get the option to format.
Is that right? Then format NTFS Quick Format.

  bremner 23:30 19 Feb 2010

You will need to have the XP CD in the drive and boot from that.

As it installs you will have the option to format - at that point chose NTFS Quick format.

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