Formatting and re-installing XP, what to save?

  Sapins 18:54 18 Nov 2004

I have two hard drives, "C", which is 15GB, has XP Home and various folders, and "D" which is 80GB, has mainly programmes, photos and some downloads.

I am upgrading the motherboard and CPU so will have to format "C" and re-install XP Home on it.

I want to save as many settings as I can, such as Favourites, E-Mail messages, OE settings, etc;

I also have Norton System Works which includes Anti-Virus. Is it possible to save these settings which include the latest anti-virus definitions, by moving or copying them to "D" drive, and then moving them back to "C" when I have completed the format and re-install?

I understand I will have to install SP2 and activate Norton Firewall before I go online but is there anything else I should be aware of?

Any other suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated

  powerless 19:37 18 Nov 2004

Slipstream? click here

I do not know about the setting for NAV but you can download the latest defsclick here

* I want to save as many settings as I can, such as Favourites, E-Mail messages, OE settings, etc; *

Ummm you want to know how are you just telling us?

  mattyc_92 19:43 18 Nov 2004

Unfortunatly you can't copy and paste files and folders for programs. This is a security thing that they use so that you can't copy and paste the program to use on another computer. You would have to find the registry keys as well as the files, folders, etc... in Program Files, Common Files and Windows folder.
You don't really have to format your hard disk, however you should back it up in case of an error. You can use Norton Ghost for this. Disconnect the hard disk from the mother-board and then do the rest of the crap (removing drives, wires, hardware like graphics cards, etc...) Once you have done this put your mother board into the location of where the old one was, but before you do this add the wires, Memory chips and Processor onto the motherboard. This will make your life easier later on. Then put everything back together. When you put the hard disk in, turn the computer on (making sure everythings is contected correctly and the casing is back on). When windows starts up, windows SHOULD automatically install some sort of temp driver for the motherboard. You may have to re-acivate windows because you have changed the hardware setup alot.
Windows should work as normal after

  john-232317 19:56 18 Nov 2004

You might not need to reinstall XP, it might regognize its on the same PC even with a motherboard change,i think you can make four hardware changes before you have to activate XP again.

click here

  Dorsai 20:45 18 Nov 2004

Before you re-format and re-install, you could just replace the board and cpu, boot up, and see what happens. If it dont work, nothing lost.

Uninstall your m/board drivers. Turn the PC off. Install the new bits, and turn back on.

If you have a retail copy of Xp, it will tolerate a certian amount of hardware change without any problem. A bit more change, and it will require you to re-activate.

click here goes into great detail. It's M/Softs own answer to your question. But i have in the past repalced a cpu and board, and all i did was install the new drivers as asked.

  Sapins 21:48 18 Nov 2004

Hi all, thanks for your replies. I should have got this clear in my head before posting, but, too may jobs at once and all that:-(

Here's what I am trying to do, I have bought a motherboard bundle from Novatech and a Perspex case from Refresh computers with a new PSU, cables etc: I am going to put the new board etc; in the perspex case and use the 2 hard drives, DVD ROM and CD RW drives with the floppy from the present case. I have sussed out the procedure for all that and a Novatech Technician has said it will be better to format "C" drive and re-install XP as there will be a conflict with the motherboard drivers, I think a clean install will be better. What I want to do first of all is get everything possible in place before I start and also, if possible, save my Favourites, E-Mail messages, etc: I also thought, if it is possible, that it would be a good idea to have up to date virus definitions to copy over to "C" before I go online, the firewall I will have before that. I have SP2 on a CD and I can re-install any programmes as I have the disc's for them, so that's not a problem.

You have, between you, given me some useful information/links so I can prepare as much as possible beforehand, so a good read is called for while I am waiting for some replacement parts to arrive, hopefully that should be by Saturday.

Having said all that, if your suggestion works Dorsai it will save me a lot of hassle, and I would like to try this first, can you just tell me where I will find the motherboard drivers please.

  paddyjack 00:05 19 Nov 2004

you can export you favourites and emails very easy, I always save them on a seperate drive.

Create a folder on your 'D' drive for fav's go to file you will find the 'import/export' button, click on export it is a simple process from there.

For emails it is 'tools/options/maintance' store folder (outlook express), you can also export your address book in simelar vein.

hope this helps

  paddyjack 00:21 19 Nov 2004

for OE files look here click here thanks to 'woodt'

  Strawballs 00:51 19 Nov 2004

click here Try reading this it might help.

  Sapins 22:02 19 Nov 2004

I'll tick this now as you good folks have given me enough information. I have decided to install the new motherboard and see if XP will accept it.

Thanks again to all of you,



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