Formatting and re-installing XP, what to save?

  Sapins 18:54 18 Nov 2004

I have two hard drives, "C", which is 15GB, has XP Home and various folders, and "D" which is 80GB, has mainly programmes, photos and some downloads.

I am upgrading the motherboard and CPU so will have to format "C" and re-install XP Home on it.

I want to save as many settings as I can, such as Favourites, E-Mail messages, OE settings, etc;

I also have Norton System Works which includes Anti-Virus. Is it possible to save these settings which include the latest anti-virus definitions, by moving or copying them to "D" drive, and then moving them back to "C" when I have completed the format and re-install?

I understand I will have to install SP2 and activate Norton Firewall before I go online but is there anything else I should be aware of?

Any other suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated

  powerless 19:37 18 Nov 2004

Slipstream? click here

I do not know about the setting for NAV but you can download the latest defsclick here

* I want to save as many settings as I can, such as Favourites, E-Mail messages, OE settings, etc; *

Ummm you want to know how are you just telling us?

  Sapins 21:48 18 Nov 2004

Hi all, thanks for your replies. I should have got this clear in my head before posting, but, too may jobs at once and all that:-(

Here's what I am trying to do, I have bought a motherboard bundle from Novatech and a Perspex case from Refresh computers with a new PSU, cables etc: I am going to put the new board etc; in the perspex case and use the 2 hard drives, DVD ROM and CD RW drives with the floppy from the present case. I have sussed out the procedure for all that and a Novatech Technician has said it will be better to format "C" drive and re-install XP as there will be a conflict with the motherboard drivers, I think a clean install will be better. What I want to do first of all is get everything possible in place before I start and also, if possible, save my Favourites, E-Mail messages, etc: I also thought, if it is possible, that it would be a good idea to have up to date virus definitions to copy over to "C" before I go online, the firewall I will have before that. I have SP2 on a CD and I can re-install any programmes as I have the disc's for them, so that's not a problem.

You have, between you, given me some useful information/links so I can prepare as much as possible beforehand, so a good read is called for while I am waiting for some replacement parts to arrive, hopefully that should be by Saturday.

Having said all that, if your suggestion works Dorsai it will save me a lot of hassle, and I would like to try this first, can you just tell me where I will find the motherboard drivers please.

  Strawballs 00:51 19 Nov 2004

click here Try reading this it might help.

  Sapins 22:02 19 Nov 2004

I'll tick this now as you good folks have given me enough information. I have decided to install the new motherboard and see if XP will accept it.

Thanks again to all of you,



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