Formatting primary drive insitu

  SparkyJack 08:57 20 Dec 2011

One of my flock has decided it is time to clear his hard drive and reinstall Windows XP from the Windows CD. He has hit a snag.

The machine is an old DELL laptop- thereby no Floppy.

When he inserts the Win CD and tries to overwrite/re install he is informed the current version is 'newer than the CD '-

This is because I assume what is on the Hard drive has all the updates whilst the CD is the Basic XP.

So He has asked me 'What next?' The answer would be simple if it were a tower with a floppy drive- Run Fdisk from a floppy.

But a machine with no floppy?

I then thought take the drive out and run it as an external on another machine then format it.

That may be the way to go.

But before I do that for him- is there a way for the primary drive to 'Format itself' insitu?

  onthelimit1 09:10 20 Dec 2011

I'm sure the option to re-format the partition comes up when running the CD - has he tried the full format and not the quick one?

  Strawballs 09:35 20 Dec 2011

He is trying to run it from within windows he will need to boot from the cd by going into the bios and setting it to boot from CD first then put CD in drive and reboot.

  Strawballs 09:38 20 Dec 2011

Tell him to check the product key on the sticker first because laptops often get the number worn off through constant use on laps.

  SparkyJack 09:48 20 Dec 2011

SB Of course, I bet he did not thingk of boot from CD I shall be seeing him tonight- we shall see [ before we down our Tuesday Murphy;s and Jameison .

  Poitier 14:29 20 Dec 2011

That message can also be received if the CD has fewer service packs than the version that is installed and an attempt is made to repair instead of continuing to install a fresh version.

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