Formatting Pdf with Word 2002

  SweetPotato72 09:15 11 Nov 2012

Hi - I've copied a Pdf doc into Word 2002. Unfortunately though it doesn't show complete line across the doc and instead goes half way and then breaks to the next line (like one of two columns without the right hand one). Can I highlight all 300 pages and correct so it looks right ? Thanks for any thoughts.

  Taff™ 10:12 11 Nov 2012

I think you'll find that there is a carriage return at the end of each line. Turn on "Show/Hide" non-printing characters to see. (It's the reverse"P" icon on the toolbar usually next to the zoom %)

If that is the case it's not an easy task to change 300 pages in one go. Post back.

  SweetPotato72 13:19 11 Nov 2012

Thanks for replying.there is indeed a symbol/carriage at the end of each shortened line. Any methods short of manually changing every line would be gratefully received !

  Taff™ 14:00 11 Nov 2012

It's a long time since I worked Office 2002! Basically with 300 pages this could take time and isn't ideal. First of all make a backup copy of the file and use that to try the alternatives.

The basic choice is to either manually remove those line breaks OR to remove all the line breaks en bloc. So we'll try the latter first working on your copy. Open Word and use the CTRL + H key combination to open Find/Replace. At the bootom of the dialog box there should be an advanced link. Try that - we are looking for the "Special" option which gives the option to replace (or Remove) the Paragraph Character. We want Word to remove them selectively and replace with a space.

Sorry this is a bit vaugue! Having got the paragraph symbol in the Find Box simply put a space in the Replace box. Now you want to click on the Find Next button and Word should skip to it - then choose Replace of Find Next again if you don't want to remove that particular paragraph character.

You could try clicking the replce all button but this will do just that and you will have all the text in one massive block and have to go through the whole document to put paragraphs back in again. That's why I've suggested making a backup copy of the document to work on.

Tip: The Underlined Character such as the "R" on Replace or "N" maybe "F" on Find Next is a shortcut key. Pressing the underlined character is the same as clicking the button - you may find that quicker than clicking your way through the document. In any event it will take time.

Just work out which option is going to work for you and podt back with any problems.

  SweetPotato72 16:13 11 Nov 2012

Taff - you are a legend - doc looks great now (only missing paragraphs but minor point). I suspected there was a means to do what I needed and as usual this forum comes to the rescue ! You've saved me lots of time and effort so a million thanks

  Peter 16:16 11 Nov 2012


You will probably find that all the proper new paragraphs in your document are two carriage returns while the new line ones are just one carriage return.

If you find and replace all the double carriage returns by a character that doesn't appear in your document, say ##### (a string of 5 hash characters) before you replace all the single carriage returns by a space, then you can find and replace the ##### by a carriage return, thereby putting all the proper paragraphs back in place.


  Taff™ 18:01 11 Nov 2012

SweetPotato72 - Thanks. Haven't been referred to as a "Leg End" on this forum for ages! At least my memory is intact! Just give me a tick next to my long post and I'll be happy.

Peter - Great suggestion. If they are, as you quite rightly suspect, half carriage returns (Paragraph marks) they can be replaced the same way through advanced options but only by copying the character (In Word) pasting into the Find box and repeating the above. It's a bit difficult to descibe the difference between what is called a "Forced Break" and a paragraph mark.

Never mind. For a 10 year old Word Program it still works! So, if you need any more assistance SweetPotatoe72 just post back.

  Taff™ 06:45 12 Nov 2012

Woolwell - yes they are. Don't know where I got my term from! Anyway they are achieved by using the Shift Key and Enter key in combination.

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