Formatting Packard Bell

  rawprawn 16:36 24 Jan 2005

After help in an earlier post I downloaded a Windows 98 boot disc so that I could format a Packard Bell computer (Windows Millennium dead)for a friend.The problem is that when I try to boot from that floppy, I get a message Invalid Disc please remove and press any key to continue. I cannot get into Bios and it seems as though the computer was set up only to use Packard Bell Recovery disc. Short of taking the HD out and putting it in my computer as a slave and formatting is there another way. All suggestions appreciated.

  VoG II 16:41 24 Jan 2005

When I had a Packard Bell it came with an "Emergency" floppy as well as a recovery CD. You had to boot with the floppy in the drive to access the recovery CD.

  buscrew 16:44 24 Jan 2005

try another boot diskclick here from

  dan11 16:44 24 Jan 2005

Windows millenium is a strange one sometimes. I think it's something to do with dos or not having it?

Try the Millenium boot disk from click here

  dan11 16:48 24 Jan 2005

F1 or F2 should get you into the bios.

  rawprawn 16:49 24 Jan 2005

That is what is happening, he has the Emergency boot disc and the CD's but he wants to clear it all out.

  rawprawn 16:54 24 Jan 2005

When it says ALT 1 or ALT 2, what does that mean. If I use one of those will it give me the opportunity to format ?

  VoG II 16:55 24 Jan 2005

Mine did a quick format before reloading everything.

  rawprawn 17:24 24 Jan 2005

Yes, I saw that, but it only seemed to take about
10 seconds so I am a bit dubious as it doesn't really tell you what is happening. Anyway at the moment we are trying that way round, and we will see if it solves all the problems. I woul feel happier if I could just format and start from scratch.

  dan11 17:51 24 Jan 2005

" When it says ALT 1 or ALT 2, what does that mean."

Sorry I can't help you there, but it may start the installation proceedure and ask you to put the recovery c\d disk in? Did not F2 take you to the bios?

It's a bit hazy, but I did work on a similar system about 3 years ago. The system would not boot up, no matter what was tried. The owner put the P.B. start up floppy and start the installation. It asked for the recovery cd to be inserted and I think the machine rebooted. The problem was that it would not take the serial number. Even a call to P.B. didn't help. I think I resolved it by booting with an XP disk. I wiped the partition, I don't think it had a hidden one and formated it in fat32. I then shut down the computer before the files were copied to the hard drive. I had an old ME disk and installed a new operating system from scratch.

Don't know if it is of any use to you.

  rawprawn 18:20 24 Jan 2005

I cannot get to bios using F2, I am at the moment trying thru the PB floppy so I will see what happens. ( I am going from one house to another to try and solve this, so if I am a while replying please understand )It may be worth a try to boot from an XP disc as long as you can back out. I don't want to finish up loading My XP onto his machine.Also is FAT 32 the best format for ME.

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