Formatting a new System Hard Disk

  bon bon 17:03 06 Sep 2008

Because of continuing hard disk errors and associated system crashes I decided to replace the main internal system hard drive with an Hitachi SKU 757698 PATA hard drive which was a 'one to one' replacement for the old hard drive. Hardware installation was no problem but I now need to format the disk and install Windows XP. Has anyone any advice how to do this please.

  PO79 17:05 06 Sep 2008

Boot from the OS CD, it will offer all the options you require to create/format/install the OS.

  baldydave 17:18 06 Sep 2008

make sure pc boots from cd,go into bios and press del key or f2 depending on pc and change boot to pick cd first,the save and exit.
put xp cd in pc reboot and hit a key to boot from cd when message comes up.
follow on screen instructions and dont forget to install your motherboard drivers after windoes installion.

  baldydave 17:20 06 Sep 2008

Sorry,that should read to get into bios press f2 or del key as soon as pc starts

  woodchip 17:59 06 Sep 2008

Your computer may be already set with CD as first boot device. Try starting with XP CD

  bon bon 09:48 07 Sep 2008

Thanks everyone for your suggestions- no luck with fixes so far. Perhaps I should have provided a full description of the messages I received when I attempted to load Windows- sorry. Anyhow here goes-
- As suggested in several replies I changed the BIOS to boot from CD and put the XP disk in the CD drive
- On power up and the usual BIOS messages there was a red box on the screen containing- No Hard Disk Found.
- I hit Enter and got a message- Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration, followed by Windows loading various drivers from the XP CD
- This concluded with a message- Setup is starting Windows, followed by a- Welcome to Startup message giving 3 options- To setup XP now press enter (which I selected, the other two option being to repair an XP installation of to quit without installing XP)
-Having selected Setup XP now I obtained the following message- Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed on your computer. Make sure that the hard drives are powered on and are properly connected to your computer and that any disk related hardware configuration is correct. This may involve running a manufacturer supplied diagnostic or setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit press F3
- Setup then exists and offers to restart the computer at which point I powered down.

Now I'm virtually certain that the drive is correctly connected (there's only a power cable and a large black ribbon connector to connect- both only fit one way so its difficult to see how these could be wrong) so where do I go from here?

  €dstowe 09:51 07 Sep 2008

Do you have the jumper(s) on the drive set correctly?

  €dstowe 09:53 07 Sep 2008

Another thing - ensure the ribbon connector is securely attached at the motherboard end.

  woodchip 15:18 07 Sep 2008

In the BIOS you did have Hard Drive set to second BOOT DEVICE?????

  bon bon 16:18 07 Sep 2008

Thanks everyone very much and particularly to Edstone whose 'ensure that the jumpers were set correctly' finally sorted the problem.

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