Formatting My PC

  pcwhizz 19:01 24 Jun 2004

I am gonna wipe my pc and start fresh.

Ive got everythin backed up execept for Norton Internet security 2003 updates since last year.

And i dont have broadband so its gonna be a pain redownload all the updates. so i was wonderin if there is any way of backing up the updates ive downloaded like the virus definitions and stuff!


  Androcles 19:25 24 Jun 2004

Get onto the Microsoft web page, you can get a free disc from them with a lot of the updates on it this cuts the time down.I think the updates are covered up to Feb 2004.

  Totally-braindead 19:34 24 Jun 2004

Androcles I think hes on about the Norton updates not the Microsoft ones.

  Androcles 11:01 27 Jun 2004

Braindead I think you're right.Perhaps we've got the wrong names!

  Lozzy 11:08 27 Jun 2004

No there is not anyway to backup these files. I am sure you must know someone near you that has BB that can download them onto a CD for you. The latest file dated 26-6-04 is 7.77mb in size and is a zip file which is self extracting.

  livewire 11:08 27 Jun 2004

I dont think you can do this becuase LiveUpdate has to install the updates itself to integrate them into the program- Standalone files may not get registered with LiveUpdate.

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