Formatting my HD

  B_E_N 11:51 31 Jul 2003

I have a Pacard Bell Computer with a hidden partition on my hard drive for installing windows (ME), now i want to formatt my hard drive and reinstall winows etc and my PC came with a system restore to do just that bu when i tried it it wouldnt work - couldnt find a file (OEM setup if that helps) is there a way i can do the above without the system restore disc and still being able to get windows back after, thanks.

  xania 13:31 31 Jul 2003

Did you 'format' your entire HDD or just primary partition. If the latter, although I don't know haow you did it, you could well have deleted your hidden partition. I don't like the idea of using the HDD to provide this type of back-up. WHat happens if the HDD fails. I suggets you go back to your supplier, or directly to Pacard Bell, and get proper re-installation CDs.

  keith-236785 22:55 31 Jul 2003

maybe the restore cd starts the setup going from the hidden partition.

i may be wrong but i think you have to set your bios to boot from cd, insert restore disc and restart your computer, then follow on-screen commands.

good luck

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