Formatting a Laptop

  Anniemol 15:51 02 May 2004

My laptop which is a compaq came pre-installed with Freeserve and some other stuff I can't shift. It runs on XP Home (again pre-installed with no disc) and I would like to format the harddrive and install XP Pro so it's the same as my main desktop computer. I have never formatted a laptop before but have done desktop PC's many times there any difference formatting / re-loading OS or Software?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 02 May 2004

Not a lot of difference in reality - but you will need to be sure you have the correct drivers - they are not as easy to id as are desktop components. If you can boot with the CD then you should be able to go ahead.

  GermfreeUnicycle 17:05 02 May 2004

no, its very similar. Note that you do sometimes loose some of the free utilities provided by your laptop supplier, such as advanced battery monitoring software etc, but these tend to be no great loss as this sort of thing is built into windows anyway.

  Anniemol 17:15 02 May 2004

Thanks....will 'go for it' and hope for the best!!

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