Formatting HDD

  Chelonian 12:04 01 Feb 2005

Thanks to everybody who gave advice on why my 4.3GB HDD appears to be full even though all it contains is Windows ME, Word 2002, and 12MB of .doc files.

I tried ScanDisk (no problems), Defrag (that was okay), and SystemRestore (it says it can't do one) but the problem remains.

Even saving small .doc files seems to use an extraordinary amount of HDD space.

The PC isn't connected to the internet.

As I have the OS installation disk and the drivers for graphic card and printer I'm considering formatting the HDD and reinstalling Windows ME and Word 2002 from scratch.

Is formatting a HDD difficult? I'm a novice at this stuff. Thanks!

  mattyc_92 12:10 01 Feb 2005

No it isn't difficult....

I am not sure if the ME disk is bootable, but there is a way to format using a Win98 Format disk... But I have a fealing it is (it was made around the time Win2k was made and that is bootable)..

Insert the disk into the drive and restart the system.... If it is bootable, you will see a message "press any key to boot from cd" when you see the message press any key....

Now you will see the Windows Setup being loaded from the CD....

Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be fine (winXP installation you have to press "enter->F8->d->L->enter->enter" to format and install windows, this should be the same for your version because it is the same for Win2k)

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:32 01 Feb 2005

you will need to set your cd a first bootable device. When you boot after ram check (numbers wizzing around top left hand corner) you should see a message underneath saying to enter setup press F2 or Del something along those lines the key will depend on your bios. Look for boot sequence in the bios cant remember exactly what is under,if you make a mistake you can leave the bios without saving changes if everything is ok save changes and exit usually F10 the same will apply if you have to boot with a floppy you will need to set your floppy drive as first bootable device.Once Done reboot the machine with your floppy or cd inserted
Floppy at A: prompt type format c: (note space between format & c: message are you sure you want to erase all data from this drive y/n

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