Formatting Hard Drives

  strike151 08:51 24 Apr 2004

OK, got a real humdinger here!..
I recently bought a new 'puter. My old PC contained some files that i still need so, i moved my old hard drive into my new PC and transferred the needed files to my NEW hard drive. I want to format my old Hard Drive now but, im not sure how to do it.
If you feel you could help. you should read the following before offering an answer:

1. My MAIN (new) Hard Drive uses Win XP(Pro Edition)and is 80Gb. It is divided into 3 sections (C:\, D:\ and E:\) and, it uses NTFS

2. My secondary (old) Hard Drive uses Win98 and is 8Gb. It is divided into 2 sections (I:\ and J:\) and, it uses FAT32 do i go about formatting the old HD? Can I just go to 'My Computer', right click on the I:\ icon and, click on 'Format'??? I'm baffled!

  bremner 09:02 24 Apr 2004

Yes you can do what you suggest but ensure you do not just do a 'quick format' as this will not remove the data.

  bananaslik 09:15 24 Apr 2004

hi strike 151 go intostart/control panel/performance & maintenence/administrative tools.then computer management,in the left side window select disk management,in right window right click on the drive you want to format & select format.this will format the drive but i don't know if it will remove the partition.

  keith-236785 09:58 24 Apr 2004

bananaslik, Yes you can remove the partitioning this way.

remove the 2nd partition and then resize the remaining partition to the whole size of the drive. Or remove ALL partitions from the drive then make a new partition.

once you are happy with the partitioning, you will need to format the drive so it can be used with windows. If you intend to try Linux, do not format, linux install will do it all for you.

  keith-236785 10:03 24 Apr 2004

should have siad, use the right mouse button for most of the commands needed for these operations.

left click to select the partition then right click and goto

Delete Logical Drive or Format (for second partition)

Delete Partition or format (for primary partition)

i think that once you have deleted the 2nd partition, you may also have a resize option if so, lick on the right edge of the primary partition, and drag it out to fill the drive.

  billyliv 11:30 24 Apr 2004

Hi, Possibly you will have to uncouple the master drive, re-boot your machine with a 98 start up disc and format it that way. I dont think XP will let you format a 98 drive. Cheers, Bill

  temp003 11:45 24 Apr 2004

You can do it all in Disk Management. Click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Your 2nd hdd should be called Disk1.

If you're happy with the partitioning, just right click each partition and select Format. You'll be given formatting options. Choose NTFS.

If you want to have one partition only, on the 2nd hdd, right click each existing partition, and select Delete Partition.

You can't resize partition in Disk Management. You'll have to delete both partitions first, then right click the Unallocated Space, and select Create partition. Then select primary partition. Use all the space. Then choose format with ntfs.

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