Formatting hard drive the new way

  SparkyJack 09:24 30 May 2011

Well new to me.

In the past if I need to format and reload the hard drive -I inserted a Win98 start up floppy in the drive- engaged FDisk and away we went. Now machines are Floopyless.

I have two machine now that seemed to have picked up the Sys32 virus whereby a site offers to fix many many virus/Trojans and other critical errors if you send them the money.

When trying normal corrective processes right down to reload the Windows disk [Win XP]the machine simply refused to repair/reload with further dire messages and ultimately goes to BSD with Boot sector damaged message etc.,

So without a floppy drive- how does one get the disk clear to reload?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:44 30 May 2011

Normally would be to boot from the WIn XP disk let it run setup and Format the drive at the relevant part of setup.

To remove the Sys32 virus Trojan -


1. End Infected Processes * 1

        Press "Ctrl" and "Alt" and "Delete" simultaneously.
      * 2

        Click on "Task Manager."
      * 3

        Click on the "Processes" tab.
      * 4

        End the following processes:
        "System33 trojan" v1.1.exe"
        To end a process, simply right-click on it and select "End Process."
  Delete Infected Files
      * 1

        Click on the "Start" menu.
      * 2

        Click "Search Files and Folders."
      * 3

        Search for and delete the following folders:
        "system33 trojan v1.1.exe"
        To delete a folder, simply right-click on it and select "Delete."
  ICF 09:50 30 May 2011

This is a good program I have used in the pastKilldisk

  Strawballs 09:51 30 May 2011

From XP onwards just set bios to boot from CD/DVD drive first put the windows disc in the drive and reboot machine, then simply follow instructions no need for for DOS instructions at all.

  SparkyJack 10:43 30 May 2011

FB thank you - have printed that one and saved it to my Hints and Tips File.

Strawballs Set to boot from CD and running the Win disk- is where the BSD comes in - it wont allow a repair/inastall process

ICF Kill disk I know about - Have it in my ToolBox But no Floppy - Windows not working - How can it be introduced?

  Strawballs 11:48 30 May 2011

I just run Ubuntu from the live CD and it will allow you to format the drive to FAT32 so once done you should be able to refomat during XP set up.

Run from live CD chose places click on your drive then close which will leave an icon for it on the desk top then right click on that and choose format.

  SparkyJack 13:23 30 May 2011

Thank you for that SB - I have a Linux version[Mint I think] so will try it that way.

  ICF 15:18 30 May 2011

SparkyJack said:-

"ICF Kill disk I know about - Have it in my ToolBox But no Floppy - Windows not working - How can it be introduced?"

You have to make a CD boot disk.Do you not know somebody else with a PC?


  woodchip 17:33 30 May 2011

This why you should create a Image of the Partition with the OS on it, And this will do it for free

Acronis True Image

  woodchip 17:34 30 May 2011

PS its the Free Version

  SparkyJack 20:00 30 May 2011

ICF Thanx for the link have now printed off and at the next opportunity will make me a Kill Disk Boot CD.

Woody In all the cases I refer too it is other folks PC's that have gone titsup

This one is fine - I am writing this on it.

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