Formatting Hard Drive

  Canberra100 15:23 02 May 2010


I have just followed a previous thread on moving/deleting partitions with Easeus Partition Master and to my surprise it appears to be a complete success.

I now want to format the C drive and start afresh.
I have a Toshiba laptop which came with a Product Recovery disc and a hidden partition on the hard drive which according to the booklet states it is for System Recovery Options.

I am a little confused as to which would be best for my needs. I basically want to clear all the rubbish and begin again.

Any advice on how to proceed would be gratefully received.


ps. this is the second post for the same request, I'm not sure if I clicked publish or clear so apologies if this is a repeat.

  rdave13 15:40 02 May 2010

If you use the recovery disk, would possibly need the hidden partition but not always, then you'll set the laptop as back to factory settings. You'll need to uninstall the usual junk that came with it and run the Windows updates, install AV and antimalware programs again.
If you have no Windows disk then this is the only way to go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:42 02 May 2010

1. do you have a valid windows CD / DVD + poduct key to use?
If so you will need all the drivers backed up or re downloaded for the machine as well.
Do you also have the install disks for all the programs you wish to reinstall

2. if no CD / DVD then a factory reset from the hidden partition is the way to go however it will also load all the crap that comes with a modern laptop such as trials of antivirus and office,

  Canberra100 15:47 02 May 2010

Hello rdave13,

Thanks for the advice, so the disc is the preferred method. If I need to access the hidden partition does the machine tell me that or will I be left high and dry.


  Canberra100 15:55 02 May 2010

Hello Fruit Bat /\0/\,

You have just answered my previous response. I do not have cd/dvd with product key, it seems to be the usual method of recovery disc only.

I do have all the program discs I need and have made a list of all the security software etc that I will need to download and have backed up my files.

Whilst I'm here, are there any of the free virus checkers or malware programs I should avoid, currently I use AVG and Lavasoft.


  rdave13 15:55 02 May 2010

Insert the recovery disk and follow instructions. Two things; 1 Hope you've not deleted the recovery partition with Easus. 2 Hopefully, if you have, the recovery disk doesn't need the hidden recovery partition.

  rdave13 15:59 02 May 2010

For AV I prefer Avast. Antispyware/ malware I prefer Malwarebytes, superantispyware, spywareblaster (blocker) and spybot s&d.

  Canberra100 16:06 02 May 2010

Hello rdave13,

Thanks for the wake up call about the hidden partition I went cold from the toes up but yes she is still sitting there.

I shall look at the other software you mentioned.

Well here goes, wish me luck,

Thanks to both for the advice


  rdave13 16:13 02 May 2010

About Spybot S&D, make sure, if you are going to try it, it's from the 'safer-networking' site; click here
as there are other unsavory sites trying to immitate. When installing then disable 'tea-timer'. Bit of a nag.
Good luck but should be easy enough.

  Canberra100 16:20 02 May 2010

Many thanks for your help, is it wise to have more than one spyware program on your system?

The formatting/install is running as we speak, I'm glad I don't need to understand what is being displayed on the screen!!!!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 02 May 2010

is it wise to have more than one spyware program on your system?

One Antivirus program but as many antispy as you like

Antivirus programs conflict as they are ment to run in real time Have one realtime antipy and a back up one to scan regularly.

For good FREE protection:-
Recommend Microsoft Security Essentials if running vista or Windows 7 (XP firewall is no good)
That will give you realtime Antivirus and Antispy and firewall

Back it up with free Malwarebytes and or SuperAntispyware scanners
and SpywareBlaster as a blocker.

You will then be well protected as long as you remember to keep them all updated.

Check for Updates and scan weekly.

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