Formatting Hard Drive

  Ex plorer 13:38 19 Oct 2005

Hi I have an Old Dell Optiplex GX1 the hard drive has been wiped and it needs formatting how do I go about this.
Kill disk has been used on it.
I have Windows 95 on diskettes, which I want to use.


  Ex plorer 14:44 19 Oct 2005

All I have is missing operating system on screen.
I have had a look in the BIOS and its set to boot from a drive first which is what I want but how do I get to type Fdisk at the prompt I have done this before but cant remember.
The hard drive may be done and need replacing.

  Ex plorer 17:51 20 Oct 2005

Ok back at fdisk i tried the lot there is nothing on the drive its only 6.4 Gig.
cant delete as there is nothing to delete on it .
As i said before I want to load 95 from Floppys so how do i partition it and do I need Dos and if so where I can I get a free download. I can buy it but I thought That Dos would be a freebe.
this is what I have on screen.
Partion (C:1) Status (A). TYPE (PRI DOS). (No Voume Label). Mbytes (10). System Unknowen. Usage%. Status A its not reading the floppy is it?
I have windows 95 on cd but its a upgrade must have been from way back what was before 95 that.


  Ex plorer 19:10 20 Oct 2005

Hi ok it just says MS Windows 95 Upgrade on the book cover and sleeve its even got a Reg number with it.It belonged one of me sons years ago. I wasnt intrested in PCs then.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 20 Oct 2005

Status A its not reading the floppy is it?

Status A means the partion is Active.

If you have used the floppy disk dive to get to Fdisk then iI assume the floppy drive is working.

Reboot the PC with the first floppy disk of the windows 95 floppies in the drive ()the first disk should be a system disk and allow the PC to boot just type setup at the A:\> prompt It will then check the hard drive and start to install windows just follow the prompts and keep inserting the next disk in tarn when asked for.

  Ex plorer 20:23 20 Oct 2005

There are 27 Disks but they wont start on there own.

I have tried a down loaded version on a floppy for windows 95 and I get the mesage.

No drivers found aborting instalation.

No valid CD ROM devices selected then the Prompt A:\>

This must be for windows 95 CD and not an upgrade.

I dont have the starting or boot disc for the flopy diskets shame.

Had a look on the net but no go there dont understand what mirrowing means on some of the flopy downloads.

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