Formatting first partition, Dual booting 98 + XP

  FITLAD123 15:27 01 Mar 2003


I have 3 partitions on my system.

C: Windows 98 Second Edition
D: Windows XP Professional Edition
E: Storage (Largest of the 3)

Now, after i got my PC back from my friend, it had:

C: Windows 98 Second Edition
D: (Blank/Storage Partition)
E: Storage

And i proceeded to install XP on partition D:
I believe that C: would be my primary partition. But i want to format it, as 98 is not working properly and i would like Linux in its place. I have been told i cant just format C: as it could mess up the booting process, and i need to keep some files on there.
I want to format C:, could anyone tell me if the problem stated above is true, and how i can get around it.

C+D: FAT32

This screenshot should help:
click here

Peter Oconnell

  zanwalk 16:02 01 Mar 2003

Yes, you will have to proceed very carefully otherwise you will end up with a PC that will not boot. Firstly, backup those files you need to keep from 'C' before doing anything. Secondly, it would probably be easiest if you installed XP on your first 'C' partition, afterwards you can consider installing Linux on your second partition (hda2 in Linux terms), if it is a modern distribution of Linux, it should be a fairly straightforward install, although you will have to be careful as to where Linux wants to install to as it usually defaults to the first partition (hda1), also, unless you are using a third party boot manager like Bootmagic, make sure that the Linux bootloader (usually LILO) installs to a floppy disk and NOT to your MBR (master boot record) which is on your first partition. Failure to do this could make Windows unbootable!

  FITLAD123 16:38 01 Mar 2003

What are the files i need to backup from C:?

Peter oconnell

  zanwalk 18:59 01 Mar 2003

Sorry, I thought that you said you wanted to keep some files from C, I now realise that you had been told this! If there really isn't anything you want to keep, go ahead and install XP on C.

  « Ravin » 19:15 01 Mar 2003

back up any document files you might have on c drive and maybe your favorites and such.

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