Formatting External HDD

  prima12 21:38 14 Nov 2005

Hi all, I did a search and found another thread about formatting an external HDD but am still not sure what to do.I've got a Safecom 120Gb external HDD with USB2 and Firewire connections. In the previous thread it was suggested that 'diskmgmt.msc' was typed in the run box, I did this but was told a file was missing.I'm not too bothered about partitioning the drive, but obviously I do need to format it, as it's not recognised, I only want to use the drive for video and stills photo storage. I am running W98se with a USB 2.0 PCI card, and a Firewire card from Pinnacle Studio. Could somebody give me guidance, or tell me where I can find a definative descrition of how to do it, I am very wary in case I format my PC HDD by mistake, instead of the external HDD. P.

  prima12 21:42 14 Nov 2005

Could someone tell me what the 'jumper' setting should be, at present it's set to 'CS Enabled', and the 'slave' setting should be 'no jumper'.P.

  Terry Brown 12:15 15 Nov 2005

When you plug in the USB drive ,it shou;ld automaticly find it, and if not formatted offer to format it.

I would suggest re-loading the Win98 back on the system (with the USB drive plugged in) to he same directory as it was originally.

This should not affect any other files apart from your EMail (folders,settings,rules etc), I would advise you to save the Email by creating a folder,and leave it on the taskbar (at bottom), open outlook (or whatever you use), highlight the EMail you want to save and drag to the folder. They are then safe.
Hope this helps

  prima12 16:50 19 Nov 2005

I downloaded 'MaxBlast 4 FOR Windows' from the Maxtor site and it did what I wanted. P.

  Diemmess 18:11 19 Nov 2005

I wouldn't go as far as "re-loading the Win98 back on the system"

If you have already looked inside at the jumper setting (leave it at CSL)--- a laborious but fool proof way would be to connect the HD taken from its USB pack into the primary HD of your computer, disconnecting any internal HDs first.
Then boot with a 98 setup floppy and "format C:" from there.

There is no need to secure the dangling HD or unscrew the usual one/s just make sure the new HD cannot wobble over or touch anything.
Formatting will take a long time (up to an hour) but be impossible to wreck your existing system

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