Formatting CD-RW eith Windows XP Home edition

  ChasNoel 13:42 10 Sep 2008

I recently bought some Verbatim cd's but My PC does not seem to recognise them. I wonder if they need formatting and read on a help site that all I needed to do was go to My Computer, right click on the DVD drive and them click Format. There is no sign of Format when I do this. Has anyone any ideas and is it true that discs no longer need to be formatted?

  johndrew 14:34 10 Sep 2008

You will need to `format/prepare` them before you can use them if they are not prepared already. Nero will do this for you.

This applies to DVD-RWs as well, but not to normal DVD/CD-Rs as it will spoil them.

  sharpamat 18:32 10 Sep 2008

I have never had to format either cdrw or dvrw. with both after writing you get the option to wipe the disc but I always use either Nero or CyberlinPower Producer

It is presumed that you do have a writer on your system ?

standard discs once writen cannot be formated as this will make them unusable.they also cannot be erased

once a RW disc has information on it the option to erase should be there but for first use put them in and write. ( depedant n your settings you may get a popup with the option to open the disc
these will be in the burners settings

  ChasNoel 14:04 11 Sep 2008

Thank you John Drew and Sharpamat but you can see from the two replies that not everyone on this site agrees with what others say. I am now about to explore what Sharpamat has said.

  tullie 14:30 11 Sep 2008

DVDs and CDs never need formatting.

  Poitier 14:49 11 Sep 2008

I have never had to format a new cd. Is it possible that the speed is not compatable with your drive? It happened to me some years ago.

  Kevscar1 14:48 14 Sep 2008

are the disc's compatible. On my old machine it could do -r's and -rw's but not +'s

  ChasNoel 19:00 14 Sep 2008

I have now managed to format the disc which is working pefectly. There was no need to use Nero or any other software. I opened 'My Computer' and finally managed to open the E Drive showing 'Format'. Earlier attempts at this failed. Don't ask me what I did right on this occasion. I do not know!

  tullie 20:29 14 Sep 2008

The question is,is why format?

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