Formatting CD Rom

  kc50 00:42 11 Feb 2004

I am trying to format a cd-rw through 'my computer' and i keep getting a message
format F:DLA
Waiting for device.
Device may be disconnected or in use by another program.
I have nothing else running. Can you help.

  temp003 02:35 11 Feb 2004

You only need to format a CDRW if you want to use it for "packet writing" (i.e. drag and drop to copy or delete individual files to/from CDRW as if it were a floppy). If you just want to burn a CD normally, you don't need to format it.

If you use Windows XP, it has some native CD burning software which can burn files to a CD for you, but it does not have packet writing and so you can't use XP itself to format a CDRW.

For packet writing, you need to use special software. All CD burning software comes with some sort of packet writing. Nero has InCD, Roxio has DirectCD, and so on. You will need to open whatever software you have, to do the formatting.

  Stuartli 09:02 11 Feb 2004

A CD-ROM is a disk that has already been burned and issued, such as a magazine's cover disk or software installation disk.

A CD-R is one you can burn to once or, in multisession form, until it is full, whilst a CD-RW can be used many times over in the manner suggested above.

But because a CD-RW disk doesn't have the same reflectivity as a CD-R (or CD-ROM) it's best to avoid their use if at all possible; it's difficult for some drives to read them, especially older ones.

  kc50 18:06 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for your help. Things are little clearer now. I have been experiencing problems playing cd-rw's on my cd player so that is explained too.
Thanks once again

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