Formatting C Drive

  [DELETED] 21:52 21 Sep 2003

I have Windows 98 SE that has got a corruption thats getting worse. How do I format Cdrive yet still leave my CD drive in play so that I can boot up a fresh version of windows.
Is it true that if the drive is partitioned then it will still format the whole drive???????


  [DELETED] 22:04 21 Sep 2003

If the drive is partitioned, in two, say, you will have a C: and a D: drive, you only format one at a time. If you want to remove the Partitions you have to use Fdisk from a floppy disk. Formatting will not remove a partition. To format your C: drive, i.e the one with the operating system, insert a Win98 SE floppy and choose "Start with CD-ROM support". At the A:\ prompt, type, format C: You will get a few warnings about losing all your data on the C: drive, Choose Yes when asked if you want to continue. When the C: drive has been formatted, put the Windows CD in the drive and type, F:\setup and press return, Windows will then load. The above assumes that you have two partitions and that your CD-ROM drive is drive E:

  Simsy 22:22 21 Sep 2003

But I'm trying to infer something from your question... forgive me if I'm way off track...

Most PC systems come with just a "C" drive as a hard drive, i.e. it's not partitioned.

You might then choose to partition it further giving several partitons on the HDD...

Some PC systems come with a "Restore" disc which can be used to restore the system to an "as new" state. I believe that the use of some of these will permit the new partitons to remain, others will return the system to a single useable partition.

I know that doesn't exactly answer the question you asked, but it might help someone reading to understand what can happen.

As usual I'm open to correction!



  [DELETED] 22:26 21 Sep 2003

I should have said, nighttracker, you start the PC with the Win98SE boot disk in the floppy drive, you might have to change the "First Boot" device in the BIOS to enable you to boot from a floppy, but usually the floppy drive is the first boot device anyway, so try it first before going into the BIOS. As your system is having all those problems, it might be better if you downloaded a Boot Disk from click here download the Windows 98 SE OEM version from that page.

  woodchip 22:31 21 Sep 2003

Create a Start Floppy from Add Remove in control panel start with Floppy disc type Format C: when it gets to A:\> when you restart with floppy disc it gives the option to start with CD-ROM support choose that. If your CD is now D:\ It will be E:\ temporary till you get windows back on So when it gets to A:\ type E:\Setup with the Win98 disc in the comp

  [DELETED] 21:39 23 Sep 2003

THANKS TO ALL. I have now got several replies all heading me in the same direction
Mine is a home made machine (After attending night school on making your own computer) an so it doesn't come with any support disks.
There comes a time when a mans got to do what a mans got to do..............
Thanks to all of you who helped
See you on the darkside
Night Tracker

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