Formatting Avery labels

  brambles 17:05 04 Feb 2012

I do a lot of mail merging to produce a file for printing off Avery labels which is fairly straightforward. However I do have a presentation problem because the name/address always starts in the top left hand corner of the label. Obviously it needs to be left aligned. I want the address to be away from the left edge and down from the top more. Anyone know how I can get the address central - not centre aligned.



  wiz-king 17:10 04 Feb 2012

What program are you using to do the mail-merge?

  brambles 18:17 04 Feb 2012

wiz king I am using Microsoft Word 2007 - I have no problems doing it only the aesthetics of the printed appearance I am not satisfied with.

Thanks for responding


  Woolwell 18:33 04 Feb 2012

On the first label, on the home tab on the ribbon you can use the normal word editing features to indent, centre, etc. To move it down a bit, highlight the first line only, choose paragraph and then increase the number pts in spacing before until you are satisfied. Remember after you have set up the first label to click on update labels.

  wiz-king 19:09 04 Feb 2012

To move the whole labels text over a bit you can highlight the text then format > paragraph > indent all.( I am not sure if the exact wording - I dont use Office 2007 but have 2003 and they moved things about for 2007!)

  lotvic 22:57 04 Feb 2012

Basically same as wiz-king

I'm also using Word 2003 and this is how I do it:

I go to Edit dropdown menu and choose 'Select All' or can put cursor inside one cell and Ctrl+A (hold down Crtl and press A on keyboard)

on Format Menu: click on 'Reveal Formatting' and a pane opens on the righthand side, at the bottom I tick the box for 'Show all formatting marks' so I can see where name & address will be in each label cell. (or can click on top toolbar icon that looks like a reversed letter P)

In the pane on the right and under 'Paragraph' I can click on 'Alignment' to alter it and also can click on 'Indentation' to alter the space between label edge and text.

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