Formatting advice needed

  yogibear 10:04 29 May 2010

Hi, my pc has a few software probs, so I want to format it and start again.

I have 2 hdd, 300GB master and 1Tb slave. It is a new system, under warranty, so I don't want to open the case and invalidate it.

In the past I have left the two drives connected (NOT this pc) and have lost everything off both drives. Is there a way I can protect the slave drive and just format the master?

  gengiscant 10:23 29 May 2010

I am puzzled as to how you managed to format both drives if all you needed to do was reinstall your operating system.
I have just reinstalled windows on my C drive which is only a 64GB ssd, I keep all my docs etc on a 1 Tb drive.
When installing windows it will ask you what drive you want to use and whether you want to repair or fresh install. No need to format as the fresh install will do that on the C drive and only on that drive.Your slave drive will not be touched unless I am missing something here.

  yogibear 10:35 29 May 2010

Thanks for that, so I don't need to physically disconnect the drives then?

As I say, the one time I have tried it with drives connected it wiped both, don't ask me how!

  gengiscant 10:47 29 May 2010

No you do not need to physically disconnect the drives.I am assumming you have one of these which will guide you through the process.

XP. click here

Vista. click here

Windows here

  yogibear 11:17 29 May 2010

Sorry, should have said, yup XP pro for me. Thanks for that, going to transfer all C drive stuff to my 1TB and give it a whirl.

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