SANAP 19:56 09 May 2003

I have fiited a western digital as my 2nd hard drive, it came with no instructions, thanks DABS, went to BIOS and it shows up ok. I am using WIN98SE and know that I need to FDDISK and FORMAT but here I am lost as I have a DVD drive as D, CD-ROM as E and HD as C: What letter do I assign to the 2nd HD as I have set it up as slave?

I need step by step as I am worried that I may erase C: !!!


  MartinT-B 20:06 09 May 2003

Okay :)

Personally I always set my DVD and CD as Y: and Z: so I never have to think about them again. Having said that you r PC should 'move them along;' if you create a new partion or add a HDD.

Does the new dive show up in windows. If it does you're laughing. All you need to do is right click the dive and choose format, which is a LOT quicker than using fdisk to format.

  Keith 20:07 09 May 2003

You don't assign drive letters - the BIOS will do that for you. You say the BIOS recognises your second drive, so it should have assigned the drive a letter (probably D and shuffled your CD-rom etc up a letter). If you boot up, does Windows recognise it? (I.e. what does it show as in Explorer?).
The safe way to format: remove the data cable from your 'good' drive first - then you can't destroy it. Boot from a bootable floppy (Win98 recovery disk) and then at a> type fdisk. Say Yes to option for 'large disk support. Then:
1: create DOS Primary Partition
2: make it the active partition
3: format the new drive

You may partition your disk with fdisk if you wish - create an Extended partition then as many Logical partitions within the Extended as you wish.

For more comprehensive detail, do a search on this site for 'format' or 'format HDD' or similar: this topic has been covered comprehensively. Keith

  DieSse 20:08 09 May 2003

You can't do it from Windows if it's not showing up. You need to boot up with your start-up diskette, and FDISK and FORMAT from that. Before you start FDISK make sure you choose Option 5 in it's menu, which says "change hard drive" (or similar) - this puts you onto your new hard drive, and lets you set it up. take the same care with Format too.

  SANAP 20:17 09 May 2003

Thanks for quick response. I am off to try suggestions and will report back!


  SANAP 00:00 10 May 2003

help was much appreciated. Got everything done.


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