Formatted Drive showing wrong capacity

  Little Elk 11:46 15 Jun 2018

Dear Tech Advisor, I have a Toshiba MK1252GSX portable USB 3 SATA Hard Disk Drive of 120 GB capacity in a Caddy. It was originally used to create a Win 10 System Image Back-up, but I want to create a new image, so I re-formatted the drive in NTFS format, but in the Drive "Properties" it shows that there is only 31GB of space available, when I was expecting at least 100GB. What have I done wrong. Kindest regards, Little Elk.

  alanrwood 12:49 15 Jun 2018

What did you format it in, FAT32, NTFS.

  Little Elk 19:50 15 Jun 2018


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 15 Jun 2018

What is showing in disk management?

  alanrwood 09:20 16 Jun 2018

Probably either a hidden partition or a partition which has not been allocated a drive letter. Check it out as advised by FB above.

  Little Elk 14:17 16 Jun 2018

Thank you to all who have replied. I would love to post you a screenshot of the Disk Management Result.....if only I could work out how to do it. Has anyone got any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 16 Jun 2018
  Little Elk 15:16 17 Jun 2018

Hi Fruit Bat,

After much trying to get Tinypic to work in English instead of German, I gave up and have tried Grabilla instead. I have no idea what I have done, but does this link give you the Disk Management Results. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 17 Jun 2018

Right-click the remaining partition (E:) you want to enlarge and click the “Enlarge Volume” option.

ClIck through the wizard and accept the default options to enlarge the partition to the maximum amount of available space. It’ll expand into the free space Unallocated

the change will be instant and happen without a reboot. The second partition is gone, and the first partition now contains all the storage space previously allocated to the second one.

  Little Elk 16:43 19 Jun 2018

Dear Fruit Bat, Many thanks for all your help. It works, just like you said it would.

Just one observation though.

The label on the disk says that it is 120GB capacity, but Disk Management says the usable capacity is only 111.79GB. What's using the rest of it?

  Flat Earther 19:53 19 Jun 2018

You're not missing any capacity, 120 Billion Bytes is 111GB within Windows.

Windows uses a larger GB than the HDD makers (1,073,741,824 vs 1,000,000,000) so it will show there being fewer of them.

Look at the drive properties in 'Computer' and it'll show about 120 billion bytes as well as 111GB

Technically the larger Windows GB should be called GiB "Gibibyte"

120 Billion Bytes = 120GB = 111GiB

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