formatted :\C and still files remain.

  Ex plorer 20:04 06 Oct 2005

Hi got myself an old Dell PC of ebay 750Hz 20 Gig HD for a bit of fun.

Now it hasn’t got an OS on it but I have a ME OS I would like to install on it.

Ok it wasnt formatted but I have or the PC re formatted again.

Chose the CD in Bios to boot ME and now it tells me that there are bad files still on Drive C.
I have run Windows Scan Disk for repairs but it hasn’t succeeded.

I get the impression from the files that NT was on before.

So how do I wipe the drive clean?
What about drivers for the modem, Sound Card, ETC.

This is to learn a little about PCs before applying work to my better one.


  gartoye 20:19 06 Oct 2005

Hi, im no expert but if i were you i would load a windows98 boot disk & use fdisk to delete all partitions and files, everything. then its just a simple case of installing ME as usual(you may need to load the bootdisk again first to get the cr-rom going). I cant remember if ME is based on the FAT 32 or NTFS file format, but it doesnt matter because ME will probably format the hard drive again during the installation.

  Strawballs 20:25 06 Oct 2005

ME is Fat32 and using the 98 or me boot disc to FDISK to remove all partions and then create partions should work

  Ex plorer 20:32 06 Oct 2005

Ok thanks will give it a try I have boot and recovery disks for ME. I just poped the recovery in and it tried to boot windows 98 so tha must have been the last OS that was in.


  Ex plorer 22:58 06 Oct 2005

Hi back to use fdisk to delete do I typ in at command promt.

  woodchip 23:02 06 Oct 2005

Yep as above you need to remove the Partition information. and start again. Format will not do that. If FDisk does not do it use Killdisk

click here

  Ex plorer 23:40 06 Oct 2005

Good link thanks ,
Now I have to typ in the volume label the problem is the keyboard dose not support the typ face that the volume label shows.

  DieSse 23:44 06 Oct 2005

The volume label doesn't have a typeface! - it's just characters. Type in whatever you want.

  Ex plorer 00:05 07 Oct 2005

will not let me delete until right volume label characters are incerted?

  DieSse 00:32 07 Oct 2005

Ah - well you have to type in the correct volume label characters then - the typeface is still irrelevant.

  DieSse 00:46 07 Oct 2005

Or do you mean you haven't got the characters you need, on the keyboard??

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