Formating problem

  heepster 11:26 26 Jun 2004

I am trying to format a hard drive . When I put the command c: format it says " Checking existing disk format", and then "Invalid device parameters from device driver"
Anyone help me with what this means. I am trying to insatll ME on a second hand machine I just bought.

  THE TERMINATOR 11:49 26 Jun 2004

The command is- format c:\s - This will give you a system disk. Do you have a boot-up floppy to install ME from?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 26 Jun 2004

Where are you trying to format from CD / Floppy / second haerd drive?

To format C:/

back up any data or drivers off C:\ boot from ME floppy into command prompt with CD Rom access

Type format c:/ s to put system files on C: then run setup from Your CD (remember your CD drive letter will be pushed back one letter a tools are store on ram drive i.e. your cd was d:/ it is now e:/

  AndySD 11:57 26 Jun 2004

Trh command you are looking for is

format c:

the error might be that or you may need a new ME boot disk. click here

If neither work then check the BIOS settings for the hard drive.

  SEASHANTY 12:27 26 Jun 2004

The FDISK Guide partitioning and formatting info
click here

  heepster 12:28 26 Jun 2004

I am trying to format from the a drive. Using a 98 start up disk all i get on format command is "invalid command" . On my ME start up disc i get "Invalid device parameters from device driver." I have also tried installing windows direct from the cd rom and it gets so far and then says the "Root File" is full and to delete the files in there. How can I do that when i havent got windows installed?What needs changing in the bios?

  Mister Splendid 12:40 26 Jun 2004

Running from a startup disk the command should look like this:- A:\format c:

  heepster 12:49 26 Jun 2004

A:\format c: doesnt work either , says "bad commnad"Something VERY strange happening here

  SEASHANTY 16:05 26 Jun 2004

Maybe some help from this website on hard drive troubleshooting. click here
The hard drive should be set to "AUTO" in the Bios
configuration. Also another website with hard drive
problem links click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:19 26 Jun 2004

Any idea what size the primary partion is? I'm wondering if its so small, that could be the problem with format. you should be able to Fdisk the drive to get the info and change the size if required.

  heepster 17:08 26 Jun 2004

No idea what size the primary partition is at all. Where is that information in fdisk?

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