Formating HDD that used to have W98 and now has XP

  nar 14:01 31 Jul 2003

Right my hard drive is from my old compaq pc (7482) that i have moved over to a pc that i built. It was a preformated hdd that has a lot of preinstalled sorftware and w98 a partition of about 2.5 gb. i now have the xp upgrade installed but i can not get rid of all the old software and a partition that i do not use. is there a way of clearing th ols w98 and all its old stuff just leaving me with a clear hdd and xp on it.

just boot from the xp cdrom anddo a clean instal of xp, you will be given the opertunity to Format the drive at the beginning of the process
just read the screen and follow the instructions.
AS you are upgrading you may need your win98 disk handy to prove you had one.

  nar 15:47 31 Jul 2003

problem is a dont have a w98 disk as it was all on the hdd when i got it from dixons.

  dazzling (work) 16:49 31 Jul 2003

did you get a backup/rescue disk with it that may be enough to verify your entitlement to upgrade.p.s. you may have to fdisk your hard drive before you format it to destroy the partitions as somtimes it wont let you just format it.

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