Formating a Hdd to fat32 with xp?

  ACOLYTE 15:51 23 Jul 2008

I don't know if this is possible i have just put in a drive to format out of my other pc,but i want it to be fat32 and the only options i get in disk manage is to format it to NTFS,is it not possible to format to fat32 in xp?

  zarobian 16:05 23 Jul 2008

You can do this if you have a Windows 98 Startup disk or create a Boot Disk from:- here:click here

  ACOLYTE 16:16 23 Jul 2008

I have a windows 98se cd,but the hdd i need formating is NTFS already and windows 98 doesnt see the drive,i thought if i could get XP to format it to Fat32 i could just put the hdd back in the other pc and win98 would see it and install
But its not working to plan atm.
I have no floppy drive in this pc so cant make a boot floppy.
This pc with XP on doesnt seem to be able to format to anything but NTFS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 23 Jul 2008

First off, delete the partition that you wish to convert. This is done by going into Disk Management: right click "My Computer" -> Manage -> Disk Management, which is found under the Storage section. Right click the partition you wish to remove, and click "Delete Volume". This will erase the partition. Once you have done this, you must re-create the partition. This is done by right clicking on an unallocated region of a disk, and selecting "Create Partition". Then click "Create Logical Drive". Bear in mind that Windows cannot format a FAT32 partition that is any larger than 32GB. This is the case because FAT32 is terribly inefficient on volumes that are larger than 32GB: fragmentation becomes a serious problem.

To format this new volume, right click it, and choose Format. Again, if the volume you wish to format is larger than 32GB, FAT32 will not be one of the options available to you in the drop-down box. You will have to create multiple partitions if you want to format a large drive as FAT32.

  ACOLYTE 16:29 23 Jul 2008

This works,thx,one question i have,when i put the drive back,can i delete the partitons i made or would that mess up the whole thing.Im guessing if i deleted the partitons the drive would still be fat32?

  DieSse 16:30 23 Jul 2008

The format command in XP (and Win200, earlier) will only format FAT32 for partitions up to 32 GB.

A third party utility fat32format can do it though

click here

  ACOLYTE 16:32 23 Jul 2008

Another thing i just thought of lol,the drive is 40gig if i deleted the partitons does that mean win 98 would only see a 32 gig drive?

  ACOLYTE 17:11 23 Jul 2008

Ok i put the drive back in the other pc,now im getting errors with the win98 setup, error loading user.exe ,and it asking my to take out any floppy i have in,there isnt any floppy and i cant get past this,press any button to restart.
This is a hewlett packard pavilion 8715 pc,and im wondering if i have to use restore cd/floppy that i dont have to install 98,it wont seem to let me install my full copy.Some type of branding going on,not sure,if so would there be a way to get around it?.

  Ditch999 19:24 23 Jul 2008

Have you got 2 partitions?
Its a 40GB disc so if you used Windows to partition and format it then you must have 2 partitions.
Win98 should install on it ok if it has been formatted correctly.
MS article click here
3rd Party article click here

  DieSse 19:40 23 Jul 2008

Can you tell us what you're trying to do right now - you seem to be trying several very different things.

What do you actually want to achieve at the end of all this?

If you want to format a drive to FAT32 from NTFS, using a Win98 or other similar boot disk, first you'll have to run FDISK to delete the existing "non-DOS" partitions (the NTFS one(s)) and create a FAT32 partition, BEFORE you can reformat.

Win98 can create FAT32 partitions greater than 32GB - WinXP can't (though it can use them if they are created elseway.)

  ACOLYTE 03:06 24 Jul 2008

Ok,ill try to explain better,atm i have 1 40 gig hdd seperated in 2 partitions of around 18gig each.
There was one whole partition of 40 gig that was formated to NTFS,as was explained to me i had to make 2 partitions and format the drive that way,and that worked i now have a 40 gig hard drive formated to Fat32 in 2 18gig partitions.

I put the drive back into the hewlet pc and tried to install win98se from my setup cd,it goes through the disk check then i get the error about user.exe,or somtimes it just comes on screen to push any key to restart with no error message at all.It continues like this in a repeating circle.
The hard drive that was in there originaly a quantom fireball 15gig broke and it would not read at all,so i wanted to put in a new hard drive and reload windows onto that.
The windows cd i have is not the one that was on the original pc,and i dont know if that is the problem,that it wont let me install another win 98 version only the original that came with the pc,that i dont have.
I thought that i could just change the hdd and install my copy on 98 and it would be ok.

But its not turning out like that lol.

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