Formating a HDD

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After almost three years of use my system, Window 98, has become unstable despite re-installing Windows. Therefore, I have decided that I want to wipe my HDD clean and re-install the software that I still use from scratch thus getting rid of the bits and bats of other programs that are no longer needed.

The problem I have is I am not 00% sure as to how I go about doing this I am aware of facilities such as FDISK etc, but would be grateful if someone out their can adviser me of the steps I need to take or point me at a reliable website that will give me the information I am after. Any help in this area will be gratefully received.



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create a win98 boot disk if you havn't already got one, then boot from that, at the dos promt just type format *: (* being the letter of your hard drive) then enter and your away, fdisk is used for patitioning your drives

  zanwalk 21:17 30 Jul 2003

One word of warning, before formatting make sure that not only your data is backed up securely (check backups are valid), but that you have all drivers necessary for reinstallation. Also, things like ISP information, etc., are necessary when starting from scratch, it's too late once you have formatted....

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And never had a problem, It is always a bit scary the first time, but if you have nothing to lose then go for it. I too use win89, what I do is...

With the win98 startup disk in the A drive switch on the power. Make sure you select large drive support if asked to...Chose start computer with cd rom support.Eventualy you will be left with an A> prompt...

At the A> prompt type format c:/s

The above command line works for me every time..

Note there is a space between the word format and the letter c... it is also a forward slash not a back slash..the letter s identifies the drive as a system disk. You will be asked to confirm that you want to format type y and enter. when the format is done you will be asked to enter a volume label if you want to, I just press enter so the drive shows only as C:\ if you want to give the drive a name, (volume lable) then type a name up to 11 letters long then press enter.

Now put the win98 cd into the cd drive, then at the A> prompt type the letter of your cd drive D:\ ( if D is the drive letter) hit enter...then at the D:\ command type setup hit enter, and win98 should install.

That's all there is to it.

Good Luck.. Lixdexik.

  [DELETED] 12:18 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for the help and tips I feel confident enough now to format and reload.



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DN14, don't forget to backup your e-mail and address book. Also your dictionary if you have modified it.

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