Formating a floppy

  Grandad D 20:48 13 Jun 2003

Hi. They have bought some 3 1/2in floppy disk's at work. However in the order some boxes are unformated disks. We have tried to format these in the normal way but they won't. All we get is an error saying that they can't be formated. They are DS/DD 80 track. Any ideas please. I have not known this before. Thanks, Dennis

  hugh-265156 20:55 13 Jun 2003

i did not know that you could still buy unformatted disks.

my advice is bring them back and swap for pre formatted ones.

  Grandad D 21:03 13 Jun 2003

Hi. It just says the disk in drive A cannot be formated. Maybe we should send them back. I just thought it would be easier to format them. Thanks for the help, Dennis

  Belatucadrus 21:15 13 Jun 2003

Are you trying to format them at the HD capacity of 1.4 Mb ? If so you need to set the capacity of the DD disks to 720Kb using the drop down arrow at the right end of the capacity box on the format window.

  Grandad D 22:02 13 Jun 2003

Thank you. They have 1 hole. They will be going back on Monday. Thanks a lot, Dennis

  Belatucadrus 00:06 14 Jun 2003

DD Double Density 720Kb
HD Higher Density 1.4Mb

The DD disks should be usable in the same way as HD when formatted. I say should because my laptop won't touch them, despite having format options for both.

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