Formating CD-RW

  Kegsy 13:11 26 Dec 2003

Its a while since I used my CD-RW drive. Last time, when I put a new disc in, I had to format it first before I could write to it. I've now got another new disc but can't for the life of me remember how to format it. I had the idea it was something to do with Nero. help please

  Rennaissance 13:17 26 Dec 2003

well in nero there is the option to erase the rw medium if thats what you mean. When you click full erase, that is basically the same as a format i s it not. And should take around 20 minutes. In nero on the toolbar click onthe recorder menu and then erase.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:22 26 Dec 2003

I never had to format a cd-r/rw disk before i wrote to it guess i get different disks lol,but you can erase the disc cd/rw ones any way in nero
but there shouldnt be any thin on new ones to erase.


  Kegsy 13:25 26 Dec 2003

doesn't seem to be an erase option there

  Rennaissance 13:31 26 Dec 2003

what version of nero? im using 5.5 and are you in nero burning rom? On mine there is a recorder menu at the top where the erase option is.

  Kegsy 13:32 26 Dec 2003

actually the erase options are greyed out

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:38 26 Dec 2003

In version 6 of nero click the taskbar icon nero startsmart come up then you select the last icon extras then erase disc disc needs to be in before you open nero.In five i think you select recorder button and select erase from the options show.


  Simsy 13:52 26 Dec 2003

it you are going to use InCD to "Drag and Drop" to the disc.

InCD is a sister prog to Nero, it is not part of Nero itself.

If you have InCD installed it normally runs on bootup and you should have an icon in the system tray...

Right click this icon and you get an option to format the disc.

Note that I am running Win 98. I know that WinXP has it's own, built in, system to "dragndrop" to CD and I am not sure if you have to format for that.

Note also that it can take a while to format the disc. It depends on your pc speed and CDrewriter speed. My 1.1 gig takes about 15-20 mins... but you can do other things at the same time quite happily.

I hope this helps,



  Kegsy 14:06 26 Dec 2003

Have got WIN98 and Nero 5.0. the drive doesn't recognise the disk is there

  woodchip 14:30 26 Dec 2003

It's grayed out because the disc as nothing on it.
If you have DirectCD loaded look in the System tray for a CD icon right click on it and choose format you can then use the disc to drag files onto it in Explorer like a Floppy disc

  Kegsy 12:18 27 Dec 2003

Okay, I put the disc in the InCD drive, wait a few seconds, but nothing happens. I then x2 click on the InCD icon on the desktop, then get a message saying something like "the drive is inaccessible". Can't find anything about formatting (I looked on the Nero CD).
I thought maybe it was the disc that was faulty but tried another blank one (different make) which also did not work. The CD-RW's I already have data on are fine.

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