format xp home

  moorephil 22:07 08 Mar 2010

Hi can anyone help with regard to formatting my xp home.
On boot up from cd rom I am told no hard drives are detected! so it cannot either do a repair or a new install and i have to quit.
Is there a solution to this.
I have Sata hard drives installed.


  SJM_81 22:33 08 Mar 2010

What hardrives you got?

start> my computer. You should have local and a second for partition?

  SJM_81 22:34 08 Mar 2010

Sorry meant to put this above....

...If not you need the disk of the OS to do a reformat.

  Devil Fish 22:45 08 Mar 2010

can you boot into the O/S if not

my first thoughts would be check power and sata lead are plugged in correctly in the case of sata lead check mobo and hard drive end (gentley unplug them then plug them back in)

NOTE this will involve opening the case and as always remove the power supply lead first

  MAJ 22:59 08 Mar 2010

XP wont detect your SATA hard drive, moorephil. What exactly are you trying to do?

  oldbeefer3 08:54 09 Mar 2010

You say 'on boot up from cdrom', but you then get a message 'no hard drives detected'. Have you got the BIOS set to look at the optical drive first?

  Graphicool1 09:02 09 Mar 2010

Let's start at the begining...
Does your PC boot into Windows without the CD?
Why are you booting from the CD?

  moorephil 20:46 09 Mar 2010

hi all thanks for your replies.All I want to do is format my computer, yes it does boot ok without cd.
On booting from cd Im told no hard drives are detected and therefore cannot continue.
Bios is set to boot from optical drive first.
I do have SATA drives installed.

  canarieslover 21:13 09 Mar 2010

Do you get an opportunity (F6 I believe) to load SATA drivers from floppy? If your version of XP is prior to SP2 then it won't recognise SATA drives until the drivers are installed.

  moorephil 23:00 09 Mar 2010

yes I do have some floppys for the Sata drives,forgot about them.
My original XP Home disk is only SP1 even though the computer has been upgraded to SP3.
This could be the answer, thanks 'canarieslover'.
I'll let you know how I get on.

  Graphicool1 09:32 10 Mar 2010

You don't need the CD to 'Format the HDD. Just boot into Windows in the normal way...

Clich on 'My Computer'
Right Click the drive you want to Format
In the drop down menu Click 'Format'

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