format windows 95 to install 98

  pookie 13:28 03 Oct 2003


a friend has a compaq presario laptop with 95 on it. she wants me to put on 98se.
she doesn't have any boot disks or restore disks that apparently came with it. i've downloaded the ultimate boot disk of web but can someone give me step by step details on format and install. also, she has eg no modem driver disks - will ultimate boot disk install all drivers she needs?

many thanks


  Belatucadrus 13:41 03 Oct 2003

click here is an acrobat article on formating and reloading Windows 9X systems.

Ultimate boot disk will not add modem or graphics drivers, but you will probably be able to find what you need here click here or here click here

  Legolas 15:00 03 Oct 2003

To save yourself a lot of trouble why don't you just install 98 over 95. I have done this often with no apparent problems. This will save you the bother of formatting.

  pookie 15:04 03 Oct 2003

thanks for replies - how do i just install over 95 as this would save me trying to locate drivers



  Legolas 15:27 03 Oct 2003

pookie You just pop the 98 disk into the cd-rom drive and follow the install instructions,this will install 98 over 95 with no loss of existing data. I think at one point in the installation you will be given the choice to save your exsisting setup if you choose to do this it means you can uninstall 98 and return to 95 without having to format.

  Legolas 15:37 03 Oct 2003

Just a thought pookie, The edition of 98se you have needs to be a full 98se and not the 98se upgrade. If it is only the 98se upgrade disk then you may need to install win98 first and then upgrade to 98se.

  pookie 15:41 03 Oct 2003

many thanks - 98se is the 'full' version


  pookie 17:09 04 Oct 2003

as an update - i had to format and install as it wouldn't let me upgrade over 95. it seems to have worked ok so far. resolution won't go above default and there is no sound or modem but there are driver downloads on hp/compaq site and on driversearch site so i should be ok. if i'm stuck i'll post back

many thanks


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