Format USB Key

  Tonycablejr 13:37 21 Nov 2008


i've got loads of usb keys which need formating. the toruble is it comes up with two drive, one of which is an autorun CD drive. whenever i try to format it, it only formats the USB key partition of it and leaves the CD drive as is.

does anyone know a way of formating both the drives, and making it one USB key again?


  DieSse 13:47 21 Nov 2008

If it's got two partitions, you'll have to remove them before you format. Format only formats a partition.

Try the Disk Management facility

Control Panel - Admin Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management.

  Tonycablejr 14:18 21 Nov 2008

sorry i didn't explain it very well.

its coming up as two drive letters, but two different partiions, so i cannot remove the partition.

i've got a e: drive which is a CD-rom drive, and a p: drive which is the rest of the USB key. think its got something to do with master boot records?

  MAJ 15:17 21 Nov 2008

Sounds like they are promotional USB keys. They're usually free with something or other, the downside is that you have to watch a small promo before being able to use them. They are very difficult to format properly.

  Tonycablejr 15:32 21 Nov 2008

yeah they were promotional ones that our comapny used, but now we want to format them if possible to use throughout the company if we can, as we have got about 100 of them.

if anyone can give any info or anything to try it would be handy.


  MAJ 15:51 21 Nov 2008

I don't know if it will work, but you could try this on one of them. click here

  Tonycablejr 15:43 24 Nov 2008

that doesn't look like it worked. has anyone got any other ideas pleasE?

  scotty 16:33 24 Nov 2008

You could use the linux application, GParted. You do not have to have a computer with linux installed as you can use GParted from a "live" version of linux, that is linux running directly from a CD without modifying your system. Most modern linux install discs offer this option.

GParted will allow you to delete partitions, regain the lost space, format etc..

  Technotiger 16:58 24 Nov 2008

I don't think there is any way to re-format the drive as just one partition at all. I have never had one of these, but I believe it is possible to insert the drive without the promotional material starting, by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while inserting the drive.

  Tonycablejr 17:28 24 Nov 2008


thanks, tried the HP tool before but it only formats the partiton, not the whole stick like i'm after, but thanks anyway.

  skidzy 17:54 24 Nov 2008

Possibly the easiest route as scotty says...using Gparted.

Gparted live cd and screenshots click here

Use something like Imgburn and burn the download as an image (not data) click here

Just be careful !!!

Make sure you select the flashdrive and not your hdd !!!!

I would advise you to run through the screenshots first,just click on a select screenshot and this will expand the image.

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