Format Trouble, Sorry For The Star Office Challeng

  Mad Boy 11:08 28 Apr 2003

Im sorry, i couldnt take part in the star office 6 challenge due to format difficulties.

First of all as a computer beginner I was previously advised to format my PC (3 years of waste on it) anyway little did i know i needed a boot disk, and all my driver files. I have been on since friday trying to install my printer, scanne, modem, sound, graphics etc. Im really annoyed as i couldnt get the modem working til now. And what resolution should the screen be on? mine is on 800x600 and it looks small. It also took me ages to install my graphics which i think is still wrong. In my display properties it says this:

Smile/KFC CA6525DL/CB6525DL on S3 Inc. Trio3D V2.62.06

If theres something wrong please say.

I didnt realise what a hassle it is getting the computer back to normal!

  MAJ 11:39 28 Apr 2003

Yes Mad Boy, if you're going to format your hard drive, you need to have all the drivers for your devices ready to reinstall again as a format will wipe *everything* from the drive, not only the data and rubbish you've built up.

If you have a 17" monitor the usual default resolution is 1024 x 768(??), if you have a 15" monitor the usual default resolution is 800 x 600. You can change the resolution in Control Panel > Display > Settings tab.

Smile/KFC CA6525DL/CB6525DL is your monitor and S3 Inc. Trio3D V2.62.06 is your video card. If you're having problems with your display, look for up to date drivers on the net for your graphics card.

  Mad Boy 11:49 28 Apr 2003

It looks okay, just some programs say they need to be opened via a screen res of 800x600

My screen looks slightly smaller, though im not worried as long as everything is working. And hey, now i can see more stuff on screen :)

  MAJ 11:59 28 Apr 2003

Mad Boy, if everything looks smaller at 800 x 600 then you must have been operating at a resolution of 640 x 480 which wouldn't have been correct for anything over a 14" monitor, so it looks like you didn't have your graphics card drivers installed correctly before the format, so maybe the format has done you more good than you thought?

  Mad Boy 12:06 28 Apr 2003

maybe, being a beginner i just popped the cd in and installed a way. Not sure exactly what im installing! And i didnt realise Windows98 Se disk was a pain. When i finished installing it asked for drivers etc it says it doesnt exist on the cd! I had to browse through it for ages :(

  Switcher 12:29 28 Apr 2003

Here's a message for all beginners and possibly some who are not beginners.

99.9% of reformats are unnecessary usually re-installation of windows is sufficient to cure many problems and does not require a reformat.

To me reformatting is a bit like buying a new car battery. It is seldom required the problem is usually elsewhere.

  Mango Grummit 12:36 28 Apr 2003

LOL but hey, you'll know next time and I betcha you've reminded a few people of their first format/reinstall. Me anyway!

Little tip so's you NEVER have to do it again. Get Drive Image and take a snapshot of your C drive now.

Regards, M

  Paranoid Android 12:40 28 Apr 2003


Keep one backup of the new 'clean system' and don't get rid of it ever.

Then create separate regular backups (which can be overwritten) of your current system state.


  Mad Boy 16:35 28 Apr 2003

Take me through how i backup this "Drive Image" thing? And once backed up how would i restore it?

  Mad Boy 16:51 28 Apr 2003

When i first re-installed windows i struggled abit as i couldnt find my printer & scanner drivers etc (i dont realise but once on the computer you dont think you need them anymore). Anyway i spent an hour or so looking for the correct disks then i started loading drivers & stuff onto windows. Then windows or AOL couldnt detect my modem. I then gave up & thought i installed windows wrong. So i did it again (I hate going through DOS) & now im here.....finally :)

  woodchip 17:07 28 Apr 2003

Your system will be a lot better and faster for it, as above get Drive Image if you have a CDRW or extra partition to copy a Image file to as this can restore all Windows Drivers Software clean in about 5 mins

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