format and reinstall windows 95

  pookie 15:10 04 Jun 2003


work is selling of some old computers which they want formatted with 95 put back on. I have the original 95 cds but I can't find autherization/registration codes. Did 95 need these before I start? I've reformatted using 98se and XP in past and I know you needed the codes for those.



  Terrahawk 15:13 04 Jun 2003

yes you do need the code it should be on the book that comes with win95

  Belatucadrus 15:24 04 Jun 2003

click here for a handy utility called Keyfinder, that'll do the job.

  pookie 15:28 04 Jun 2003

thanks for replies

I've found registration codes I need.

I can't remember the c:\ command to format.
I thought it was c:\format\u but it's been so long that I can't remember. Anyone know?



  Terrahawk 16:19 04 Jun 2003

you will need a boot disk boot into dos then at the A:\prompt type format c:so should look like this
A:\format c:

  Belatucadrus 23:34 04 Jun 2003

click here for a pdf document on reformating. Do remember that unlike W98 a standard W95 boot disk doesn't include any CD drivers and can't use the drive, you'll need either a W98, W95 with drivers click here or ultimate boot disk click here to do the job assuming W95 is on CD.

  pookie 12:12 05 Jun 2003

Thanks for the many replies, and time taken, and I've sorted it now. Cheers.

Apologies to all as I had 2 threads on this which probably isn't viewed as good. But I needed the command so I posted it as a seperate question.


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