format and reinstall problem

  3tg 01:04 23 Jan 2004

I am giving away my old computer, I formatted it and hoped to reinstall Win 98, Now all I have is the "c" prompt and nothing happens in the cd drive (d). I am not experienced at this at all, I did not want to leave want personal data on the computer so I gave it a go, but I may have blown it. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  Tog 07:21 23 Jan 2004

Download a copy of the windows 98 bootdisk from click here use it to create a boot floppy. Boot using the floppy and Roberts' your mum's brother.


you may be able to change your boot order in BIOS and boot from the CDROM with the 98 CD in.

  Brian-336451 07:27 23 Jan 2004

When you were using the computer did you create a Win98 Rescue disk (hope you did, its superb).

If you did, just put it in the floppy drive and boot from it, choosing With CD Support on the options.

Your computer will see the CDRom drive now and you can install Win98.

Oh just a thought, when you see the C: prompt, have you tried typing d: and seeing if D:\ appears, if it does then put your CD in the drive and type cd win98\setup.exe

Good luck, failing that the suggestion above is the way to go.

  3tg 20:19 23 Jan 2004

Sorry about the delay in replying. I Used the Win98 boot disk, and I ended up with the "c" prompt. I typed D:\ and it said it did not recognise the drive. As I said I can handle the basics but not the heavy stuff. Perhaps I would be better to take in in somewhere and have them fix it. At least you made me feel that it's not totally dead ! Thank you.

  3tg 20:35 23 Jan 2004

does anyone know if Time would supply a recovery disk ?, Cheers

  Brian-336451 16:41 24 Jan 2004

If you have one of those, when the computer boots using it, it should give you the option to boot with CDRom support.

In that case, choose that option, using the arrow keys to highlight the option.

When the computer has booted to the C:\ prompt, then type D: or whatever your cd rom is (be adventurous and see if its e: or f: basically it depends on how many partitions you have.

If you only have one partition, traditionally the cd rom is D: (mine's Z: so I can frig around with partitions and not 'upset' the CDrom drive letter).

Put the cd in the caddy and type d:\win98\setup.exe.

  3tg 19:49 24 Jan 2004

Thank you for your reply, I will try that. I will feel better if, when I give it away it will be working and our data is definately removed. I will let you know if I succeed. Cheers.

  Handy Spinner 20:17 24 Jan 2004

...if I remember rightly from booting from a Win 98 boot disk, the drive letters are moved along since the computer creates a RAMDrive labelled D:\ you have to type in E:\ instead of D:\...I might be wrong...

  mgmcc 20:27 24 Jan 2004

Handy Spinner,

It is true that when booting from a floppy, the CD drive moves down by one letter. I've never booted from the actual Win98 CD though.

I have a Win98 "boot floppy" on a CD which boots to an A:\> prompt and then the CD drive is actually "A" drive, which is very confusing.

  Eric10 20:42 24 Jan 2004

What we are all trying to tell you in our own ways is that for the CD-Rom Drive to be recognised in DOS, you have to load DOS drivers for it. These are loaded automatically from the config.sys and autoexec.bat files on a Windows 98 startup floppy disk. When the disk has done its job it reports the drive letter used by the CD-Rom. Change to the CD-Rom drive and type setup.exe.

I don't think that Win98 CDs are bootable.

  Brian-336451 09:30 25 Jan 2004

Yes, you boot from the floppy which sticks the required drivers in for the CD rom.

It also creates a RAM disk with some utilities like Fdisk etc.

So our friend might have to type E: that's why I have suggested that he/she be 'adventurous' and see which one works.

If you really don't know anything 3tg, if you type E: (for example) and you get E:\ appear, type DIR/P/W and you will see what ever is on that drive, if it shows a directory called WIN98, you'll know you've got the right one, also the light will come on in the CDROM drive.

good luck

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